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Winners for the year 2014

No one has claimed the prize

Winners for the months of December, January, March

No one has claimed the prize

Winners for the weeks of (2015-03-02 to 2015-03-15) and (2015-03-09 to 2015-03-22) and (2015-03-16 to 2015-03-29)

Name Username Ticket ID Ticket Date Prize Name
Brandon Lacy cyberboy1551 1628418 2015-03-07 $5 Subway Gift Card
Rose Garrett rmgarrett 1627863 2015-03-02 MyScratchOff Pen
dorothea reed dort49 1628921 2015-03-14 MyScratchOff Pen
debra shaub shdebra 1629346 2015-03-25 $5 Walmart GiftCard

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