Tips For Imobster – How To Be The Best!

imobsters-tipsSo if you are like me you have been addicted to Imobsters the app for you Iphone, Itouch, or just some phone where you can download the app and start playing! Maybe you are good or maybe you keep losing every battle and feel like you are stuck in a whole.  Well here are some tips to be at the best at Imobster application!

  1. Make sure you roll deep!
  2. Make sure you are earning a high hourly income daily
  3. Get the RIGHT weapons to attack and defend yourself

Lets go over why everything is so important!

Why should I roll deep?

The more mobsters you have the more weapons you can use in a fight.  Every weapon has a certain number of attack/defense points attached to it.  So if you have 100 people in your mob.  Lets you have 100 guard dogs that is 900 points for attack and defense.  If you fight against someone that has 90 people in their mob and they have stronger but fewer weapons totally 800 points then you have the advantage against your opponent.  So more mobters you have the more power you have!

Why Should I keep my income high?

Bottom line you never want to be broke.  You always want to have money.  Do you remember ScarFace?

“In this country,first you get the money, then you get the power,THEN you get the woman.”

You live by these rules I guarantee you will be a better mobster!

What do you mean get the RIGHT weapons?

If you started to play Imobster you are probably all excited and just start jumping on all the best weapons and spending all your hard money.  All these big weapons cost you a lot of money to upkeep.  So basically you become a broke mobster.  Just trying to make ends meet!  So here is a tip that if you take it the right way will make you very successful at imobsters!

  1. Grow your mob by searching through comments where people put their mobster number
  2. Spend most of your money on real estate to bring in the most money possible
  3. Purchase good weapons like the chain gun which only costs $3000 to upkeep but make sure that all of your mobster are using at least that gun – You get the point….. buy good guns that do not take a lot of upkeep while growing your hourly income

So this is how you become the champ at IMOBSTERS!

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292 Responses to “Tips For Imobster – How To Be The Best!”

  1. kelly c...guy says:

    Is cool u took tine to explain things. I read alot of bad advice.
    B T T U A 4 Probably to low for you…but I play 8 hrs a day defending against farmers.
    They hit me so hard for two days…I leveled three times…lol. hope to see you in game .
    I’m on Hero…so no emoji…: (

  2. Vie Vie says:

    I need some help with 2 guys that none stop attacking, farm, max and STEAL my income.
    you think you can help me out…
    I always play the game fairly and don’t join any alliance.
    I believe in fair game
    but these 2 just won’t leave me alone

  3. admin says:

    Hey Vie Vie,

    It is all apart of the game. You have to build your defense. Trust me when some one attacks you and they lose and then you attack them back and get 500k – 900k you are going to love the money and keep on doing it.

    How to stay Farm Free.

    Never write a comment to them. They can always find you and keep farming you. Do not hitlist them. You will be on their activity. Lay low and build your income.

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    Please add & BC me: SARUS5

    Thanks & have fun!

  6. Martwa 9's says:

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  19. Ric says:

    Is there a difference between “farming” and “attacking”? I see people complain about farmers, but I’m not really sure what they mean. Is it asking someone to join your mob so you have a direct link to attack them at any time?

    Also, what is the rule for attacking across levels? Can you go up as far as you like but only attack down x number of levels?

  20. wayne says:

    Add Me ujec22

  21. wayne says:

    Farming is the term used for a player who constently keeps attacking the same player …..hope this helps

  22. Ric says:

    Thanks Wayne.

    I just figured that’s the way to succeed at the game. Why would I take a chance attacking someone who I MIGHT be able to beat and MAY have cash when I know I can beat someone else and get $4M every time?

    Or do people just want you to make money with real estate? I mean, that game is called “iMobsters” not “iLandlords.”

    On another note, I wonder if the way I play is based on reality or just my perception. Here are some things I’ve observed, but have no idea if they are true.

    1) If I have a high number of bombs, I lose them more often. For example, let’s say I have a mob of 5. If I have 5 time bombs on hand and go into battle, I might lose one 40% of the time. If I have 10 on hand, I will lose one 60% of the time and occasionally lose two, even though I carry the same number into battle each time.

    2) The better your win/loss record, the more likely you are to win. Before I figured out how to read the stats/profile of people, I lost a lot and had a poor record. When my record got better, I found that I could take bigger and bigger chances without significantly improving my arsenal. It seemed like the game was giving me an advantage just because I had a better record.

    Now here are a couple of hints. Most of you probably know these already, but maybe there is a newbie that can benefit by this advice.

    If you are going to be offline for any significant amount of time, sell your entourage members. Let’s take the “Personal Bodyguard” as an example. You’ve bought him for $900,000 and you pay $180,000 per hour upkeep. If you sell it you lose 40% of it’s value, or $400,000. But over the first three hours, you save $540,000. So sell if you aren’t going to be fighting for 3 hours of more. Just make sure you have other methods of defense so someone doesn’t take all your cash while you aren’t looking.

    Also, I put together a spreadsheet that details the profits made by each successive real estate purchase. It’s a ratio that adjusts to the increasing price versus the static profit. Some notes to help you decide how to best spend your money (I’ll leave out the very small purchases).

    1st Mall=3rd Condo=7th Night Club=11th Restaurant

    1st Casino=4th Office Tower=7th Resort=11th Mall=14th Condo

    1st Basketball Team=3rd Harse Track=10th Casino=15th Office=21st Resort

    In other words, it doesn’t make sense to buy a Basketball team until you own at least 21 resorts, etc.

    Happy mobbing all.

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    Please advise! Thank you. 🙂

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