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Best Sweepstakes Directory Websites

SweepsAdvantage is a great website to find the newest and best giveaways on the internet. I know the owner personally and he is a great guy devoted to making his directory the best and the most trusted sweepstakes directory on the internet to date!
CashNet Sweepstakes
CashNet Sweepstakes is also a great website to find extra sweepstakes that you might not find anywhere else. Easy to find sweepstakes you are interested in playing!
Contests Blogger
Contest blogger is a great website if you are looking for contests that are being hosted on blogs. There are many games online to be won on blogs and contest blogger gives you all these places right at your finger tips!
GJ’s Sweepstakes Crazy
Detailed listings to hundreds of free sweepstakes, contests, games, and lottos you can enter on the Web.
Instant Win Games, Freebies & More! FREE listing of prizes waiting to be won by YOU!

Free online sweepstakes that you can win money. Most of these sweepstakes just ask you for an email address. These are all free sweepstakes and we update our lists frequently. If there are any broken links or false sweepstakes please contact us. If the sweepstakes is not being taken place on our domain it is a different party contests and we do not endorse those sweepstakes or affiliated with them. Good luck in winning these contests and best of luck. Now lets win cash online!

We are happy to announce we are going to be really working with more companies to offer top of the line sweepstakes and offers for our community. It has been many years but MyScratchoff is really looking forward to become a big part of the community of sweepstakes and gamers around the world! Join MyScratchOff to find and play sweepstakes so you can win many prizes!

Types of Sweepstakes You Can Find At MyScratchoff

  • Free Entry Sweepstakes
  • Facebook Like & Tweet Giveaways
  • Enter Your Email Address Sweepstakes
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Sweepstakes

Some make sure you keep coming back for more!