Sundance Vacations Scam – You Really Think You Won?

So I just got a call from sundance vacations and I was very skeptic when I was talking to the sales rep.  She was so passionate about how I won a prize.  She dropped names or landmarks around there saying I entered the sweepstakes there and blah blah…

She was so quick to answer questions on my skepticism but when I started asking more questions about the company she started to fumble.  It was so hard to get the website domain name out of her.  I asked her for the address so I can look up the place online and she told me that she cannot tell me what it is till I book the reservation.

So Bottom line I got the domain name of and started my research online.

The best thing to do when searching for scams is type the domain name and then scam and see what pops up.

So I typed in scam.

The message boards start piling up with negative postings.  Everyone is complaining about this vacation scam with all these high pressure sales tactics.  I am not saying it is a scam but I will not waste my time.  I think the biggest objective was am I really going to get this vacation at the end.  I did not read on one board that a person actually got a vacation in the end.

Here are some links to forums with people talking about sundance vacations is probably not the nicest way.

So if a free vacation is to good to be true or something sounds to good to be true.  Then it probably is.  Please post your comments!

89 Responses to “Sundance Vacations Scam – You Really Think You Won?”

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  3. John says:

    There is a Boycott Sundance Vacations Facebook page at >>>

  4. […] timeshare vacations run on the same tactics as Sundance Vacations.  They try to put you in this dream world and will use very high pressure sales tactics to sell […]

  5. Herbert Dorley says:

    I received a call. You won a Sundance Vacation. I filled out paper at Journey Concert. Can anyone tell me if this is legit.

  6. R. Turner says:

    I got a call from Sundance stating I won a vacation for three nights, four day Royal Carribean Cruise. I agreed to come into the presentation but since cancelled after reading many storiesw online about the scam.


  7. Melissa says:

    I used to work at Sundance Vacations and we were never told any information about what went on in the appointment.

  8. Mary says:

    I filled out paperwork at Country Thunder, and just got a call around the 26th of Sept that I won a Sundance vacation, I don’t know what to think…..opinions please!!!

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  13. Melissa Tell The Truth says:

    Melissa you attended a sales presentation during your orientation. You know full well the soft sell that is presented.

    It just floors me that the internet being an anonymous place people find they need to spout off about a company they clearly have no first hand knowledge of. You got a call and read other peoples comments who also never attended a meeting. You really think this makes you knowledgeable enough to do a write up. People go on these cruises all the time and are very happy with their vacation. Of course you all assume this isn’t true because nobody ever writes up their experience on these negative sites. It is probably because they ddidn’t have a negative experience and aren’t looking for scam or negative comment sites to write about it on.

    The internet really needs to be cleaned up and people who defame companies need to be held accountable for it.

  14. cheating says:


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  15. allison says:

    I went on the Sundance vacation. It was a beautiful cruise to Nassau, Bahamas on board the Norwegian Sky ship. I believe it was a 3 night stay. We chose not to do a room upgrade, this was not required. Flight was included, however because we were flying from different states, one of the flights was not used. We had to stay in a hotel the evening we arrived. There was cab fare due to the fact that the airport we arrived at was not by the port. There were taxes and port fees to be paid. The vacation was certainly not “free” but was extremely discounted. So you attend a sales pitch, no one said it was required for you to purchase anything extra to go. You just pay the port fees and taxes and that’s pretty much all that you need to pay for. The food was included on the ship. Pop and alcohol and fancy restaurants are extra and not included in your package, unless there is some option in which you pay to upgrade, but I believe they just charge you per item. They stop 2 times, once in nassau, the other island we could not stop at due to weather however, most people on the cruise were people who paid full price so the issue with the weather was not some sort of a lie. We spent the day at sea. Food wasn’t the greatest, but it is all for the most part healty foods. All and all for the taxes I believe it was in the range of 400-600. Much cheaper than what you would pay full price. Also please note at no point is this supposed to be something that you have “won” there aren’t winners. Those who enter have a chance to go on this vacation. If I could do it all over, I definitely would and it would be through Sundance because it’s just so much cheaper than booking through the company itself.

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  17. Laura says:

    Well most of you are pretty wrong. Its only ONE (1) HOUR. I mean c’mon one hour for a cruise that you would have to pay $1000 for out of your own pocket.. I’d give them an hour again anyday. And do you know WHY there is a BOYCOTT SUNDANCE VACATIONS facebook..?? Because the person who made it was a worker at Sundance Vacations and got fired for lying to the customers. Sundance wants nothing but honesty in their company.. she/he started giving the company complaints and giving us a bad name. He/she obviously has no life once-so-ever and had to throw their anger towards Sundance in some way. Sundance doesnt have timeshares.. I went through the presentation. Its great! I bought… because they were such good packages.. but you DONT HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING to get your cruise. I vacationed last summer in Maryland with a program they have called ‘excess inventory’ and only paid $200 for a gorgeous condo a block from the beach and boardwalk for 7days. I love this company and I took my cruise and will continue to travel with them. Whoever doesn’t go in the office for their cruise is just flat out dumb.

  18. David says:


    You’re clearly a Sundance rep, you just said the individual was trying to give “us” a bad name. Then you proceeded to talk about buying a Sundance vacation.

  19. David is a genius says:

    David, I don’t think she was trying to hide that fact. She’s an employee who’s used her own product. Good for her.

    It’s no worse than the people who are calling it a scam who have never gotten any further than the phone call.

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  23. ERROR says:

    I haven’t gone on the Sundance sales presentation yet but I imagine it’s like any other sales presentation. They give you something to get you in the door to buy their product. Last year I took my kids to Disney and sat in one of the time share presentations that was a hour. Sure they tried to get me to buy into their time share but I didn’t. But in the end I got what I was promised for sitting in.

    One thing I can tell you is a cruse (even if I have to pay taxes and fees) is a much better deal than what I got in Florida. They only gave me $50.00 and 3 light sticks for the kids and I had to fight them for the 3rd one.

    As everyone else I Google Sundance Vacations before going to their office and nothing I read would stop me from going.

    Oh and the only thing I was told I had a chance of “winning” was some kind of sweepstakes at the end of the year. The cruse was a gift for coming in.

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  26. Jetson says:


    Sundance Vacations is a scam. Sundance has a variety of unsavory salesman that will pressure folks into buying a vacation package, knowing that there is limited availability for accommodationS. So you may ask, what does this mean? It means Sundance vacation packages are bought in advance, prior to making concrete vacation-bookings. Due to lack of availability, most customers will search endlessly for accommodations and the time frame on thier vacation package will expire before they secure bookings. There are a couple ways to fight back.
    1. Contact your local TV news networks & newspapers.
    2. Contact National News Expos`e-shows
    3. Contact your state representatives. Ask you state representatives to **audit the active customer base against the availability of accommodations available through the TAN network and all of TAN networks partners. Also, remember these types of scams that extend consumer loans to individuals, if you were not able to make accommodations due to a lack of availability, then the Sundance/TAN network is required by law to refund the unused amount of vacation weeks.
    4. If you were approached by a sales representative in a shopping mall, write to the shopping mall and tell them about your experience. Chances are they will be banned from exhibiting their medicine show, within a mall.
    5. If you were approached by a sales represenative at a concert, fair, or any other type of venue, contact the venue’s highest management level. Make sure you reach the highest level, because chances are that Sundance representatives offered someone gifts in lieu of hush money. If the venue is owned by a coporation, as many venues are, then contact the corporation that ownse the venue. Let the management level of the venue know that you were not only solicited, but that you were also sold a contract that could not be fulfilled by the seller. Let the venue management know if you were harrassed at the event. This is especially important when you have paid for the event experience, there is no need to be harranged by sales-man.
    6. If you have submitted an entry for Sweepstakes entry, know that your information is being sold. Also, know that everyone is a so-called “winner.”
    7. Everyone pays a different price, the sales-man “feel out” thier prey and sell a package at what ever a customer is willing to pay. What does this mean legally…? IT MEANS THAT SUNDANCE IS LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO REFUND ALL CURRENT AND PAST CUSTOMERS FOR PACKAGE-PRICES THAT EXCEED THE LOWEST PRICE IN WHICH IT WAS SOLD.

  27. Terry L. says:

    There are many hidden fees with your “voucher” for a cruise. There is a reservation fee of $198.00 and taxes. The taxes are probably inflated based upon a false value of the cruise-voucher. Keep in mind that you will need to make your own transportation arrangements to and from port in which the cruise ship departs in Florida. They also recommend making your own hotel arrangements for the night prior to the early cruise departure, and another hotel stay the night of the returning cruise.

    So, when we break it down, with hidden fees and travel expenses, hotel… you will probably spend $800. to take advantage of the cruise-voucher through Sundance Vacation. You can get a better deal through Carnival Cruises or Royal Caribbean Cruises.

    If Sundance Vacations has you thinking & dreaming about a cruise, my advice is to research deals through legitimate cruise companies and you will find a better deal with a well known name.

  28. Vella Dahan says:

    Two years? The first plans were in the 1860s after the London Underground opened. The pneumatic tube line on Broadway was built in 1869.

  29. Sundance is Garbage says:

    So you’ve won a vacation or a cruise because you filled out a sweepstakes voucher at a ballgame or at six flags or a concert, etc. They tell you its not a prize, but rather, you have to endure a sales pitch, so its not REALLY a prize, but something you have to earn. Doesnt sound that bad right? All you have to do is waste a few hours, say no a few dozen times and walk out with a cruise? Right? WRONG. I assure you, Sundance and all their employees are top notch BS artists. And when all is said and done, you will feel like a sucker. They dont outright steal your money or commit identity theft or any other similar illegal actions, but by all means, I assure you, they intend to screw you over as much as the law will allow. There is nothing in the world that could possibly convince me that they dont have a PR dept whose sole job is to google themselves and insult anyone who complains about them quoting stupid things like “we… I mean THEY are registered with the BBB” and ” they are crazy upfront about all the fees and taxes and inconveniences”. Well that is Bull crap. We heard from them in September 2012 and now, Feb 13, after a whole lot of work and waiting on our end, we had been hit with the harsh reality that we wasted a TON of our time and got excited over nothing at all. Heres MY experience with Sundance Vacations:

    We got a call saying we were chosen for the cruise. Theyre careful to never use the word “Won”. They told us where we signed up, we remembered signing up so we scheduled going into their presentation. The odds of getting called in are 1/1. That means EVERYONE that fills a sheet gets called.

    We went an the presentation is laughable. A long boring infomercial. They seriously go. This can all be yours for $20,000… but if you act now, $15,000 just kidding, $8000! And if you keep saying no, it will eventually hit like $4000 and then they will offer you mini packages for as little as $400. But they seem like a hassle. In any case, we said no. They eventually, after passing us around like a bong at a frat house gave us the information about where we needed to call to get the ball rolling and get our cruise. We were shown that there were several 4 and 5 day options with Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruises departing from Florida and California. Flights would be paid for but we would have to pay taxes and all other travel/accommodation expenses.

    They make it as annoying as possible. Im sure a ton of people forget certain steps and just end up missing out on booking the cruise altogether. You have to send in a $99 deposit per person, and mail junk in, call places, keep an eye out for emails & respond to these, every single step along the way having a time window that you can miss if you are not diligent.

    FINALLY, in January, we were asked to choose 3 dates when we could take our cruise. Thats right, they dont tell you when they have available. You have to choose 3 dates that you would have available. We chose a date in March, one in May and one in June. Several WEEKS later, we received mail saying that now it was time to call in and finally actually book the cruise. When we called, get this, they told us that 2 out of 3 dates had no cruises available. But one of them, the June one DID have a cruise available. It was only available in Miami though, so we had to forget our preference of having them fly us to the West Coast. Also, they couldnt fly us directly there. We would have to drive from Philadelphia to Atlantic City (2 hour drive) and that would drop us at Ft Lauderdale. We would then need to pay for a shuttle to Miami where the cruise would depart. Also, the cruise ship belonged to Norwegian (WHO!???) AAAND it would depart Friday at 5pm and be back Monday Morning at 7am. Uh wait… one… two… thats 2 days 3 nights. Oh, and taxes would be $295 on the cruise alone. Oh, and it was the tiniest room the ship has available with 2 twin sized mattresses in the form of a bunk bed (ideal for me and my wife!) It would be an additional $75 per person if we wanted the same size room with the same size mattresses but in non-bunkbed form so they could be put together. They also wanted to fly us out on Thursday, so we would have HAD to get a Hotel. Changing the day of the flight would be an additional $99 per person (what!?).

    We argued with the person for a while, but all we got was “yeah, thats the way we do things here”. She had the audacity to say that if they had nothing available on the 3 dates we chose, they would have to make special arrangements to accommodate us. But since they DID have something available, our only option was to accept it or decline. Upon declining their bogus offer, the lady said we would get our original $198 refunded in 7-10 business days. Time well spent.

    So just to recap, you have to choose 3 dates blindly, and they reserve the right to say: “On those dates, we only have one cruise available. Its actually more a dingy than a cruise. And the ride only lasts 4 hours. Itll be $300 in taxes. Your options are Deal or No Deal.”

    Screw Sundance, screw all their stupid employees and they can take their BBB registration and stuff it. Anyone can be on the BBB as long as they pay. And I LOOVE how everytime the “address a complaint”, the client never acknowledges that the complaint was addressed. These guys get a 0% customer satisfaction rating and for good reason. Long story short, it seems to be too good to be true because IT IS. Save yourself the time and frustration and just shop around for a good cruise deal. You’ll have to pay less in the long run anyway.

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  37. Epzee says:


    I just had a call from Sundance today, so they informed me that I was chosen to have this Roundtrip ticket + 3days/2nights hotel to anywhere in US (i remembered I filled up a form way back in Hershey when we watched a concert). And telling me that I should come to their office within today to claim the voucher and pay for the 198$ (99/person). And I agreed, because they said that the voucher’s validity is 1 yr and would worth 800-1000 USD (sounds like a good deal for me).. However, after reading this very informative blog on your page, I WILL NO LONGER go there. 🙂


  38. Ouida Salaam says:

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  39. Jester says:

    Has anyone done the round trip ticket 3days/2nights hotel thing? They said the grand prize drawing was in Feb., but they were doing this for their anniversary. I too signed up at a concert in NJ,in July and was told the same thing a everyone else. I’ve heard people mention the cruises, but not this combo, they must have switched the scam. Here’s the thing the big group of close friends I went with never got called,only me.

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  47. Melissa Cherok says:

    We got call too and went as well as received our free cruise that is a promotion giveaway yes they do their marketing through giveaways but don’t make you buy any offers out of a dozen other winners only 2 stayed and bought offers yes I was one they never pressured me they actually went from standard offer that we could not afford to one we could on very low monthly payments they asked for down payment it was to much for us at that point they asked us what we could do and we only paid that If they were “scamming” major sports arenas “expo’s” “concert’s” would never keep allowing the ” promotional sweepstakes” to be offered at their locations. We registered at a fire and ems expo months ago received call this month and I remember entering the sweepstakes lol I said as I entered “sure I will I got a better chance on powerball but ok” we were worried too but very surprised we did win all inclusive airfare included cruise for 3 nights as any giveaway we pay taxes and up to one year to go though you do have to register prize within 30 days to claim prize online they give you website info with prize also got 2 pirate tickets too!

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  53. erik says:

    I went to one years ago and got a cruise on carnival imagination. Not the best ship but they lived up to their end of the bargain. It is high pressure sales tactics but considering you probably sit through about the same stress at work for a whopping 15-20 dollars I say sitting through a sales pitch for a hour for a cruise is we’ll worth it.

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  56. Josh says:

    all this stuff on this website is a bunch of bull *** none of the stuff that you are stating is correct. Sundance is a very WELL known travel company and would not scam anyone I have been a client to the company for the past 15 years and never was I pressured to purchase a travel package and yes I did purchase a travel package and have had NO issues in the past 15 years. If you people would just listen instead of jumping to some ungodly reasons of why not to go into the office maybe you would be able to actually see for yourself stand on your own two feet instead of listening to everyone else who has no clue what they are talking about!

  57. Lisa McDaniel says:

    I just left my appointment with Sundance. It was really hard not to buy into their deals because they really did give me good options that truly are awesome packages (IF you plan on actually vacationing). The only reason I didn’t was because I have life issues to clear up before I can let myself spend any “fun” money. But they did keep their promise and we left there with what we needed to take a 4 day vacation. All we have to do is register within 60 days and book it writing a year. We do have to pay the taxes, but that’s all, and they did tell it’s that up front.

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  62. tim says:

    I have been a sundance traveler for 8 years and have gone to some very nice places. Anyone who reads this kind of stuff and thinks that this is some kind of high pressure scam is doing themselves a disservice. When you go in just see what they have. If you don’t like it they WILL give you your free trip. But I’m glad I paid attention to what they had to offer. Having fun for a lot less than other people are paying to vacation.

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