How To Win Instant Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

The best method on how to win money on instant lottery tickets. As a long time scratch off lottery player i will tell you a good way that you can win the most from instant win games!

First you need to do is find one of these instant win machines in a store.  You want to make sure you are alone and not in a high traffic area.  Because you will be playing for a least 30 minutes of time.  Bring at least $20 with you.   Remember we are trying to win the big prizes here.


  1. I like to play the $2 games.  You start on the right side.
  2. Buy one instant win ticket a scratch it.  If you loose you buy the same ticket again.  If you win that ticket take the winnings cash it in and buy the next ticket to the left.  I have played instant lottery for over 5 years and have not seen that many instant win winner tickets in a row.
  3. Follow the same routine till you have won some good prizes or spent all your money.
  4. Remember this improves your odds by a lot.  I have played over 1 hour using this system many times and ended up winning hundreds of dollars many times.

Good luck and play our free online games an win some money.  I hope you enjoy our tips and tricks on how to win money.


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