Get Cheap Insurance On A Corvette 2010 zo6

November 3rd, 2010

So I was interested in getting a great price quote on a corvette and trust me this is harder than most people believe.  Being young and trying to get a cheap quote on car insurance is a task in itself.  But what I learned is that is it very attainable.  You need to shop around for good insurance and I found a great website where you can get this.  I tried out Go-Get Insurance online.  They gave me a good quote but I did not stop there.  I still shopped around.   What I learned from shopping around is that people really wanted my business.  They will almost do anything they can to get me as a paying car insurance member.

Try Go-Get-Insurance For Car Insurance

So if you are trying to get affordable insurance I really recommend you give Go-Get Insurance to give you a price quote.  You will be amazed on how much of a good deal you can get on high end muscle cars.  If you are looking to get it on a Corvette or a Mustang GT you need to try them out.  It only takes five minutes to fill out their form and you get a quote.  If it is good take it.  But if it is not just remember that you tried every option that you can.   High end cars are hard to get cheap auto insurance quotes especially if you are a young driver.

My dream car as a kid has been a corvette because of their design.  I love the sleek look of the car and also all the power it has behind it.  The problem is not buying the car but it is actually getting a cheap rate for insurance.  The corvette zo6 is awesome and now that I have a pretty good rate I can start looking to buy it! Shopping around is key and they more you shop the better chance you have of finding a good price which in the end will get you your dream car!

Play Ben 10 Alien Force Games Online Free

October 22nd, 2010

So Ben 10 alien force is a new set of games that have hit the market recently.  It is a huge hit amongst kids but the real question is what is the best free game on the internet for Ben 10 Alien Force.  Well we compiled a list of places where you can play these games for free.  If you can play them and come back and give your honest opinion by taking this poll below that would really help out many users.

Ben 10 Racing Game

Race Here

Ben 10 Power Shot

PowerShot Play Here

Ben 10 Savage Pursuit

Savage Pursuit Play Here

I want to give a little background on what Ben 10 is and where it all started.  Ben 10 Alien Force is an animated series created by the Man of Action.  This originates from the production of cartoon network studios.  April 2010 is when Ben 10 because a huge hit and now there are many places you can play their games for free online.  Some sequels’ are Ben 10 Alien Force and Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.

Sci-Fi  seems to be a trend in the market.  People seem  to be moving away from realism because it just is more exciting.  I hope you enjoy the games listed and come back for more as we tell you where you can find your favorite games online!

Did the Glee Pictures For GQ go to Far? Wow!

October 20th, 2010

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So Glee has been a sensational hit TV show that started two years ago.  Their ratings are going up and up as it seems musicals are the next big hit when it comes to media.  The pictures they did with GQ are more for the mature audience and not the age group that probably watches this show the most.

The Parents Television Council are very angry at the pictures that have come out of Glee for the photo shoot.  Since the show is about high school teenagers having them posing so sexy does seem a big inappropriate.

The difference is the actors are actually in their twenties.  So these pictures or edgy for the show but definitely not in real life.  A lot of children follow Glee and this is why it is such a huge problem.

It is like all young celebrities.  Lindsey Lohan was going under fire in her teenage years, and now Miley Cyrus is getting crushed.  These pictures are hot.  Check them out!

Katy Perry is One Of the Hottest Celebrities Now?

October 18th, 2010

Is Katy Perry One Of the Hottest Celebrities Now?

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Katy Perry just performed on the Xfactor and she is smoking hot.  She has been rating one of the hottest women in 2010 and I am starting to be a total believer.  A women that can sing and look like that is just amazing.

Katy Perry was voted number #1 on the maxim top 100!

This has really been the Katy Perry show for the past couple of years and not sure who is the next celebrity that will take over the hotness.

Katy gets a 14 out of a 10 point scale!

Should President Obama Take Part on MythBusters show?

October 18th, 2010

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Some people might find this crazy but president Barack Obama is going to be on the show Myth Busters airing on October 8th, 2010.  This is the first time I really heard a president taking part in current media.  But this seems to be a trend that is going on right now.  I mean Sara Palin was on Saturday Night Live before her election.  A lot of people are yelling out, “Hey Obama, don’t you have better things to do then being on TV, the show Mythbusters?”.

The claim is that Obama is going to be on the discovery show to promote science and math.  But I find it quite comical that he is taking his media to this level.  I think the real question is this going to go well for his upcoming election.  I believe in being free to everything as president but I would make the times right.  I personally do not think that President Obama taking part of Myth Busters is a good idea.

What do you think?

Is The Situation On Steroids? Take A Vote Now!

October 11th, 2010

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Is the Situation on steroids? This has been the question lately due to Mike’s actions on the show Jersey Shore lately.  If he is not on steroids he is just a very moody person.  If it is not The Situations way then he has a problem with it and wants to end the night.  He is a very stubborn person and the first time I have to say he is the one looking bad on the hit TV show Jersey Shore!

Mike is ripped and very big and defined. This always raises the question if he is on the roids.  They way he is treating Snooki really makes him look like a douche.  This definitely looks like mood swings to me.  I have a brother that went through the whole process and I am happy to say that he is now out of it.  Even he believes the Mike is on some kind of pro-hormones.

Lets see what happens next week and how the situation acts.  But I have build this poll to see how many people actually believe he is on steroids.

Did Justin Timberlake Do a Good Job Acting in The Social Network Movie? Take a vote!

October 5th, 2010

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Everyone was skeptical when Justin Timberlake gets a lead role in the hot new movie “The Social Network”. The question is did Justin do a good job acting.  Celebrities have an advantage when it comes to starring in movies because they can use their celebrity status to get people to watch the movie.  From reports Justin did not just get handed to role for the part of the creator of napster Sean Parker.  Justin had to go through rigorous auditions to get the part.

I believe Justin nailed the part of Sean Parker in the movie The Social Network. He played the cocky motivated entrepreneur that people either hated or loved.  Sean made some big moves for facebook with investors and that is why Facebook was able to grow so fast!

The napster wash-up in many people’s eyes is an inspiration to go after your goals no matter if you do not succeed because you will make great connections.  One of my favorite parts of the Movie is when Sean Parker, aka Justin Timberlake, is having a great time in the bar saying this is our time!  This is what it is all about.  This reminds me of talking to friends in the bar with my dreams.

A key role like this could make or break Justin Timberlakes acting career and I do not think anyone else could have handled the part so well!  A round of applause from Stupid News at!

Is The Social Network a good movie? Reviews!

October 1st, 2010

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So the Movie The Social Network just premiered last night and I was to busy to actually go out and watch it I am really interested to see how good it is.

For any inspired online entrepreneur this is the movie of their lifetime.   We all dream about making it big in the online world.  The fight to the top is a long and strenuous process and mostly everyone will never see.  The Social Network is about the start-up of Facebook. For all college students that start a business this is a true inspiration.

They have Justin Timberlake a celebrity superstar playing the part of the creator of Napster Shawn Fanning.  The best quote from the preview is when he says 1 billion is awesome.  It is like a dream and everyday doing hard work can make this dream come true.

Tell us what you think of The Social Network!

Will Angelina Ever Come Back To Jersey Shore MTV?

October 1st, 2010

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So Angelina finally left jersey shore and I know everyone is happy.  Everyone hated her.  She was annoying and a slut.  No one respected her in the house.  In the follow up of the Jersey Shore recap they had Vinny, Angelina, Snooki, The Situation, and JWoww all together to talk about the topic.

Highlight of the After Show

Angelina stands up and says, “I know I am hot, That guy in the back wants me.”

Then Vinny Says, “ Hey buddy trust me you will get it in!”

Angelina looked like a fool!  It was the highlight of my night for me.  I loved every second of it.  I bet Angelina hates hearing about the Jersey Shore and especially hates it now because the episodes have played and she totally looks like a fool.  I really think Angelina wants to cry!

I cannot imagine what is going through her mind these days.  She is was crazy B dude!
Make Sure You Answer Who You Think Won the Fight!

Angelina Vrs Snooki!

Is The Buried Life MTV Real or Fake? Take A Vote & Decide!

September 29th, 2010

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So I was sitting watching tv on Sunday and I was glued to the MTV watching the buried life.  The buried life talks about a group of friends that try to accomplish tasks that they always wanted to do before they die.  In a sense they are saying that this is their last day on earth and they have to get their goal accomplished.

This sounds like a fun idea and the buried life does crazy things like trying to play basketball with Obama, say a joke on stand up tv, crash a wedding, and much more.  This is a highly addictive MTV show just like one of our favorite Jersey Shore.

I am looking to see if you guys think the buried life is real or is this all a fake show.   I did not get to see the end if they played basketball with Obama but my guess is they did not.  A lot of people I talk to tell me it is fake.  I am just really amazed on brilliant this story plot is.  After a while they will run out of things to do but till then I love the Buried Life

The Stars of the Show the Buried Life Are:

  • Ben Nemtin
  • Dave Lingwood
  • Duncan Penn
  • Jonnie Penn

Till next time enjoy some jersey shore slang!  Come back again to stupid news and enjoy some more stories.

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