What is Jason Pitt’s Real Name From “The Game” TV Show?

January 14th, 2011

Jason Pitts real name is Coby Scott Bell.  A little information on this TV star he was born May 11, 1975.  He is not only a actor but he is also a producer.  Not only does he play as the star quarter back in the Show the Game but he also stars as Jesse Porter on the USA network for the show series Burn Notice.

What do you think about this guy?

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Man With Golden Voice – Going To Rehab! Check Him Out!

January 13th, 2011

Ok so I saw an article and was not sure what this meant so I searched on youtube and found the guy with the  golden voice! This is a crazy voice that I thought I would share with you guys because it is funny. The Golden voice guy seems so fake but it is hilarious!

His name is Ted Williams and became a youtube sensation.  With all this publicity hopefully he can get an awesome job!

What do you guys think!  Seriously if a bum talked to me like that I would definitely give him a dollar!  Really funny news but best of luck to him in rehab!

Will Ronnie & Sammi Sweetheart Breakup Jersey Shore This Season?

January 13th, 2011

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Well if anyone has been watching Jersey Shore you guys know that Sammi & Ronnie are a ticking time bomb.  They look like they are totally miserable in every show that we watch.  Everyone is out partying and Ronnie & Sammi are chillen in their room again looking miserable.

The funniest thing about season three is that Mike “The Situation” has to be their roommate.  I cannot believe they chose the room with three beds it really just made it worse for them.  They probably just do not want to be totally alone.  If I was The Situation I would bring girls home every night and piss them off because you know that will bring drama.

You guys all know Ronnie wants to party hard but is kind of stuck with Sammi.  Sammi is just a BIG B and is trying to turn people on each other within the house.  I guess perfect drama and that is what we all like to see.  Well I am going to go with Ronni is going to break up with Sammi and she is going to leave the show!  I hope so she is boring!

What do you guys think?

Did JWoww Beat Up/Win the Fight Sammi Sweetheart in Jersey Shore?

January 12th, 2011

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Did you guys watch the first episode of Jersey Shore season 3.  It was crazy and very drama filled.  Well guess what Jwoww and Sammi Sweetheart are at it again and it is only the first show!  At the end of the show they show Jwwow and Sammy go at it again!  I think Jwoww won the first fight but everyone seemed to say that Sammi one.


It is round 2 and only the first day of season 3.  Everyone loves Jwoww has been talking about how she has been waiting for the opportunity to really mess her up and based on the previews it looks like Jwoww gets a great punch in her face!!

Well it looked like a great fight so I am really looking foward to the episode so we can really determine the winner!  I hope Jwoww really beat her up this time.  I hope she wins this fight and wins the next!

Well we will see.  Great first show so far and we will keep you updated.  So who do you think won the fight?  Are Sammi  & Ronny going to break up for good?  Please share your opinions.

Will Derwin and Melanie from The Game Break Up/Divorce?

January 12th, 2011

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So if everyone saw the first episode of the game last night it was really intense.  Melanie have Derwin’s kid a DNA test.  The tests came back that the kid was not Derwin’s.  So Melanie told him and he broke down.  At the end of the show Melanie’s friend calls her back and says the test was a mistake and that it really is his kid.  Ohhhhhh man!

I wonder how she is going to tell him about this situation and is Derwin going to leave her after he finds out.   The later he finds out the harder it is going to be and I believe that will be the end of their relationship.  Derwin confronted Janay about it not being his kid so that ended that relationship not sure how Derwin can even get back into his babies life.

Do you think this is going to break up their marriage and what would you do in this situation if you were Melanie.  He might leave Melanie and try to pursue a relationship with Janay.  No clue I guess we will find out!  This is definitely a season you need to keep track off!  So vote to tell us if you think they will break up.  Write a comment on what you think is going to happen!


Picture Jared Lee Loughner 22 – Shot Gabrielle Giffords & Many More!

January 9th, 2011

Here is the picture from what we believe to be his myspace that was taken down probably by the feds.

Some people just make me sick.  I am happy that he is not dead right now so he can live with what he has done and goes through hell in jail because that is what he deserves.  Bless everyone that has been effected by this and lets hope everyone that was involved gets brought to justice.  Killed a 9 year old girl!  Come on man!  Thank you for a great start to 2011!

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If you do not like what we have listed write a comment on what you think about this because we all would love to know what you think!

Track Baseball/Softball Statistics With Statillac Software Easy!

December 3rd, 2010

So a good friend of mine which has helped me develop my website showed me one of the projects that he has completed for one of his clients.  So I did not know how hard it was to keep track of sports such as football or baseball/softball.  The reason why is because I never played those sports.  Track baseball statistics has never been so easy!  I played soccer my whole life.  Well my friend completed a C# windows application based software to keep track of stats for sports.  They have completed this software for tracking baseball and softball stats during the games. They have testimonials that Statillac software is the easiest and the best baseball stat software that they have used to date! All you need is a computer and you can use the very easy interface to keep track  of everything.

Now it is $100 to purchase the program.  But the great thing is that you can try this out 100% risk free by downloading the trial version.  You can use it on two games and if you are satisfied with its tracking then you can purchase the product key and unlock it to use it forever.

The owner of the company a Charlotte Based company has already had local high schools in the area use it for live tracking and they submitting testimonials that they loved the software and that it was ready to track the players stats.  Great game statistics software that they will have in the future available for future sports.

So you have to check out for Baseball/Softball Stat Software.

Keenan Cahill featuring 50 Cent? Who is going to be the next Celebrity?

November 11th, 2010

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So keenan Cahill the 15 year old youtube sensation has been building new videos every week.  He is really becoming a viral sensation and people love him.  One of his videos is featuring 50 cent.  This is a crazy.  50 cent walks in half way through the video and starts doing his thing in the background.  So this puts me to my next question who is Keenan going to get next as a celebrity appearance.  How much money are they paying to get 50 cent on this video or is it just a huge promotion.

I thought maybe he was cropped in somehow but half way through 50 cent puts his necklace around Keenan.  Much props go out to 50 cent but I wonder what his intentions are.

What celebrity do you want see Keenan with next?

How old is Keenan Cahill YouTube Sensation

November 6th, 2010

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Ok so thinks kid is really creepy.  I first thought he was like 10 years old.  But looking into it further it says on his facebook that he is 15 years old! No way!  How old do you really think Keenan Cahill is?  What do you think about this kid.  I admire his entrepreneurial mindset and is becoming very viral but that is because I am just a geek.

First Song I saw of him was when my girl friends sends me a video.

Like A G6 – by Keenan Cahill.

I was dying laughing and sent to everyone in my office.  I think the weirdest thing of all is his eyebrows.  We have a couple questions for Keenan Cahill maybe he can reach out to us at Stupid News section.

  1. How Old Are You Really?
  2. How Tall Are You?
  3. Do you get made fun of a lot?
  4. How are you cashing in on this fame?

Those are the questions in order of what I would ask Cahill.  Maybe he is write an answer out on this blog.

What do you guys think of Keenan Cahill?  If this is the first time you are seeing this kid…. tell me do you feel weird when watching this?

Did Charley Sheen Beat Brooke Mueller?

November 5th, 2010

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Charley Sheen is one of the biggest party animals in the celebrity industry right now. He has also had lawsuits on him for previous relationships.  Seems that Charley might be a drunk abusive celebrity.  But he sure knows how to party.  Last week he was found butt naked in a hotel room face down.  If you think you can party you should party with Charley Sheen.

Brooke and Charley are going to get a divorce and this is just another one of Charley Sheens stunts.  I am sure he signed a prenup.  But still what is Charlie’s net worth and how much is he going to lose from this bad investment.  Well the question here today is do you think Charley Sheen beat on Brooke Mueller.  I do not think so.  But what does everyone else think?