Did Snooki Cheat and Hook up With Mike The Situation?

August 26th, 2011

Do you think Snooki has cheat by hooking up with Mike “The Situation”?  Just by watching the show I believe that Mike is telling the truth.  Snooki seems more upset that Mike as a friend would jeopardize her relationship with Jionni.  Just by looking at Snooki’s reactions it seems like she has cheated.  I feel like the relationship is over between Jionni and Snooki.  Lets see what everyone else thinks about this topic!

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I think  this relationship is going to be over.  What do you people think?

Will Ronnie Be Arrested In Italy Jersey Shore?

August 26th, 2011

So Ronnie just beat the crap out of Mike the Situation.  I feel like if this happened in the US then the people involved in the fight would get questioned by police and someone would be arrested especially if the paramedics had to get involved because that makes a huge scene.

The thing is if Ronnie got arrested I feel like that news would have been public and exploited a long time ago like snooki getting into a car crash in Italy.  We all know that is coming.  Maybe I missed the news but what does everyone think.  Do you guys think Ronnie is going to get arrested by the Italian police for knocking out the situation and sending him to the hospitable?

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Will Ronnie Get Kicked Off Jersey Shore?

August 26th, 2011

Did you guys watch the episode yesterday?  Well Ronnie is a beast and he is knocking out Mike the Situation.  The Situation gets real spastic and wants to throw down a fight.  Ronnie totally is knocking him out in drunk rage.  Crazy that the producers let it go to this level but hey it was great TV.  Everyone has been waiting for this day when Ronnie beats up the situation!

Well now that we know what has happened.  What is going to happen to Ronnie?  Is Ronnie going to get arrested?  Is he going to get kicked off the Jersey Shore Show? In the past MTV have always kicked males for fighting as we have seen in the real world and other spin off shows.  I guess we will see real soon.

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Did Ronnie Knock Out Mike The Situation?

August 22nd, 2011

If you guys have been watching the jersey shore this past season in Italy it has been a very high drama season with a lot of twists and turns.  Did the Situation hook up with Snookie?  Is he a liar.  He is becoming very hostile in this season in Italy.  Well here is the poll!  Did Ronnie Knock out the Situation?

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Situation Knocked Out

When do you think they will let us know?  I bet the last episode!  Well I think it would have been funny if Ronnie Knocked out the Situation because he is being a real punk this season.

What does everyone else think?

How To Win Big When Picking Your Masonry Contractor

June 28th, 2011

So this is a bit off topic but I have a good friend that is in the masonry business and I just love to show off his work.  Masonry really brings character to your home and place of living.  So if you are looking to do front steps or custom stonework research is very important when it comes to picking the best one.

Getting the cheapest price is really not the best.  I really do not recommend just going with the highest one either.  Check out the companies galleries and talk to them to see if they are good people to work with.  You can really feel them out when you invite them over for a consultation.

This is just some of the custom things you can do with your masonry.  So winning big is doing your research.  Save up some money and get some nice custom masonry work done in your area!

RCI Vacation Scam? – You Won a TimeShare Vacation?

June 28th, 2011

This article is to bring knowledge about RCI vacations and what happens if you try to take them up on their offer.  First I want to say that timeshare vacations does not have to be a scam but you have to understand they are a business and they want to make as much money as possible.  So they are going to tell you everything about what RCI has to offer on their vacations and they really play on your emotions.

RCI timeshare vacations run on the same tactics as Sundance Vacations.  They try to put you in this dream world and will use very high pressure sales tactics to sell you timeshare.  The great thing is if you show up to their 90 minute presentation you usually get some good treats.

So if you can go to these seminars and do not get sold on the vacation package you are the ultimate winner.  You can get to spend free nights in the hotel or you get it really cheap.  The truth is if it is to good to be true than it probably is.

Here are some posts you can read about RCI Vacations so you can make up your own mind to find out if you really think they are a scam.

Osama Bin Laden is Dead – Now What?

May 1st, 2011

So the US just killed Osama Bin Laden and now we are all wondering that what is next. Will the war on terror still going to go on. But this is a day of celebration for all of us. Lets all celebrate on this great accomplishment of our army and special forces. We have been waiting for the death of Osama Bin Laden for so long now.  So now what? I guess we go on with our lives. We got some funny t-shirts for sale to celebrate the death of Osama.

Sundance Vacations Scam – You Really Think You Won?

March 4th, 2011

So I just got a call from sundance vacations and I was very skeptic when I was talking to the sales rep.  She was so passionate about how I won a prize.  She dropped names or landmarks around there saying I entered the sweepstakes there and blah blah…

She was so quick to answer questions on my skepticism but when I started asking more questions about the company she started to fumble.  It was so hard to get the website domain name out of her.  I asked her for the address so I can look up the place online and she told me that she cannot tell me what it is till I book the reservation.

So Bottom line I got the domain name of and started my research online.

The best thing to do when searching for scams is type the domain name and then scam and see what pops up.

So I typed in scam.

The message boards start piling up with negative postings.  Everyone is complaining about this vacation scam with all these high pressure sales tactics.  I am not saying it is a scam but I will not waste my time.  I think the biggest objective was am I really going to get this vacation at the end.  I did not read on one board that a person actually got a vacation in the end.

Here are some links to forums with people talking about sundance vacations is probably not the nicest way.

So if a free vacation is to good to be true or something sounds to good to be true.  Then it probably is.  Please post your comments!

Fake Doctors Notes To Get Out Of Stuff!!

February 18th, 2011

Really how stupid are these people.  They are selling fake doctors notes!  This is ludicrous do people really buy this stuff?  Well I guess they do if they are selling the product.  They are claiming that they strictly forbid people against people using those doctors notes that are fake that can get you into trouble.

Found another article that says that you can use these for school notes if you miss a day of school.  Well this brings back memories to me when I used to miss some days of school.  I really wish I could have used a note then but still the product is funny.  People are really looking for this product and it seems like they are the ones that will supply people with it.

If your employer finds out that you are using fake doctors notes to get out of work then you will get fired.  There is no doubt so my advice for anyone that is going to use these fake notes that they only use them for things like tricking your friends and family.  Nothing that can be taken seriously.

Will Sammi Sweetheart Leave Jersey Shore?

January 17th, 2011

So Sammi Sweetheart is hated by the whole Jersey shore family.  It does not stop there.  Everyone else hates her outside of Jersey shore.  The previews makes it look like Sammi is leaving the Jersey Shore cast.  Also punches Ronnie in the face which is totally awesome!  They are like a ticking time bomb ready to explode.  So here is the main question will Sammi leave Jersey shore?  Or will she just stick it out with the cast just to piss them off.

Guess we will see what happens in the episodes to come!

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