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Sweepstakes Rule: 100 credits = 1 ticket!

Instant Win Games Online - Instant Win Sweepstakes

Instant win games are awesome because you can win right here and now. You can play instant win games free. We currently have two different instant win games. You can play out Scratch Card game on our homepage where you can instantly win up to $100 cash prize. We also giveaway free t-shirts and many different giftcards.

You can also play out instant win crack the safe game. You have to guess a number between 1-100. If you guess the correct number our system will give you the prize that is next in line to win. This could be upto $100 instant win cash prize. This is all free so the more you play the better chance you have of winning!

Why You Should Play Instant Win Games:

  • Win Instantly Online
  • Play Everything For Free
  • Have Fun Winning Money & Prizes

MyScratchOff is growing and trying to become the leader in Instant Win Sweepstakes! Instant win games give people the rush and enjoyment by producing quick satisfaction. You never know you might be the next big instant winner at We give $100 prizes away now but in the future we are hoping to give away prizes in the thousands. MyScratchOff will always stay true to itself by making this website free to play and free to win prizes! We are currently running weekly, monthly, and yearly sweepstakes! So come play today!

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