Grand Travel Worldwide Island Trader Fliers a Scam?

Hi Guys,

We are reporting on another potential scam and want the community to come together to make people aware of another company called Grand Travel Worldwide Island Trader. The send out fliers offering 3 day/2 night vacations. All you have to do is go to a 90 minute presentation and you get the free hotel stay. Now, if you play the game right, you can really get free vacations this way. I know plenty of people that use these time share presentations to get free hotels. We want to see what people think about Grand Travel Worldwide Island Trader.

There is a possibility once you buy the timeshare from Grand Travel that you are locked in and cannot get out of your contract easily. They give you three days to cancel your contract but they do not mail you your membership cards until about 10+ days after you sign the contract.

Here are some steps to game the Time Share Agencies like Grand Travel

  • Use a Visa Giftcard for the $25 deposit for the room
  • Come ready to say no to their exclusive offer
  • Negotiate with the offering they are giving you. You can get between $50-$125 to show up to the timeshare meeting.
  • If they try to make you stay, start getting loud

These are steps that I have used in the past. Make sure you research the company before you start trying to game Time Share agencies. They are preying on the weak or someone that buys into the dream!

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