Did Ronnie Knock Out Mike The Situation?

If you guys have been watching the jersey shore this past season in Italy it has been a very high drama season with a lot of twists and turns.  Did the Situation hook up with Snookie?  Is he a liar.  He is becoming very hostile in this season in Italy.  Well here is the poll!  Did Ronnie Knock out the Situation?

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Situation Knocked Out

When do you think they will let us know?  I bet the last episode!  Well I think it would have been funny if Ronnie Knocked out the Situation because he is being a real punk this season.

What does everyone else think?

10 Responses to “Did Ronnie Knock Out Mike The Situation?”

  1. […] Did you guys watch the episode yesterday?  Well Ronnie is a beast and he is knocking out Mike the Situation.  The Situation gets real spastic and wants to throw down a fight.  Ronnie totally is knocking him out in drunk rage.  Crazy that the producers let it go to this level but hey it was great TV.  Everyone has been waiting for this day when Ronnie beats up the situation! […]

  2. Jose says:

    I believe mike deserved it cause he is always talking crap and instigating behind the back of his fellow cast members that’s why Ronnie kick his ass. If MTV decided to kick Ronnie it’s really dumb because he makes the show that much better. Sure Ronnie shouldn’t have sent mike to the hospital but….. He asked for it. Ronnie is human and he will always make mistakes like many of us. But don’t kick him from “Jersey Shore” with out him there wouldn’t be anyone else to imitate Ronnies dolphin on steroids laugh lol.

  3. wheeza4u says:

    What? Did any of you watch it? Mike hit his own head against the wall in one of those crazy macho fits.

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