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Buy Fake Lottery Tickets | Best Fake Lottery Tickets to Trick Your Friends

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

So we enjoy telling people about winning money at MyScratchOff.  We also like to show people how they can play practical jokes on you and your friends.  Fake Lottery Tickets are a great way to trick your family and friends.  Of course do not do it if they have a short temper lol!

Video of somebody winning fake lottery scratch off ticket!

The best way to trick someone with a fake lottery ticket is to follow the plan below:

  1. Buy Fake Lottery Ticket Online  – Amazon or other great places they are really cheap!
  2. Buy Real lottery tickets so you can mix the fake lottery tickets with real ones.
  3. You have to pick a special event.  Unless giving lottery tickets is the norm.  Birthday or holiday.
  4. Setup a video camera to watch his reaction

In the end this is pretty cruel.  The best person to trick is someone that is oblivious to scratch off lottery.  There are a lot of hardcore scratch off lottery players and fake tickets will not trick anyone.

Good luck to anyone that tries this and make sure you write a comment below of your experience.  Check out the video of somebody winning on a fake lottery ticket on Christmas.  Awesome Video!

How To Win Instant Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Friday, September 4th, 2009

The best method on how to win money on instant lottery tickets. As a long time scratch off lottery player i will tell you a good way that you can win the most from instant win games!

First you need to do is find one of these instant win machines in a store.  You want to make sure you are alone and not in a high traffic area.  Because you will be playing for a least 30 minutes of time.  Bring at least $20 with you.   Remember we are trying to win the big prizes here.

  1. I like to play the $2 games.  You start on the right side.
  2. Buy one instant win ticket a scratch it.  If you loose you buy the same ticket again.  If you win that ticket take the winnings cash it in and buy the next ticket to the left.  I have played instant lottery for over 5 years and have not seen that many instant win winner tickets in a row.
  3. Follow the same routine till you have won some good prizes or spent all your money.
  4. Remember this improves your odds by a lot.  I have played over 1 hour using this system many times and ended up winning hundreds of dollars many times.

Good luck and play our free online games an win some money.  I hope you enjoy our tips and tricks on how to win money.