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Australia Gets Torn Apart By Germany Highlights in the World Cup!

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

If anyone watched the soccer game today you will see a class act by Germany. Germany destroyed Australia.

Cacau Scored in the 70th Minute
Thomas Müller scored in the 68th Minute
Miroslav Klose Scored in the 26th Minute
Lukas Podolski Scored in the 8th Minute

Germany played with confidence and style and ripped Australia a new one. The socceroos will have a hard time now making the playoffs. The statistics are that if you lose your first game then you have a 8 percent chance of making it to the playoff rounds.

So the question is does Germany have what it takes to win the world cup this year? They played against a team that was ranked 20th in the world so this win was expected.

Exceptional soccer against a weaker team does not say too much! Let’s wait and see what happens!


USA Ties England and Gives England a Game They Will Not Forget!

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

USA Ties England and Gives England a Game They Will Not Forget!
USA played England for the first game for each team. Everyone though England was going to sweep USA and show them how soccer is really played. Well this is what I think after watching a great soccer game in this World Cup!

After a quick first goal against USA in the first 4 minutes USA got all their jitters out and showed that they can play soccer. USA moved the soccer ball around with confidence and did not give England one easy chance for the next.
Here are the goals if you want to see them!

The man of the match for me was Robbie Findley. Even though he did not score a goal he was running past the right side defender of England making him look like a fool! He got a yellow card late in the game and they took him out. He hit the post which almost gave the lead for the USA to make them have a huge upset!

Also for England Where was Wayne Rooney the star of England. I think I remember 1 shot from him and it went wide. That cocky dude better step up his game!
Can USA win it this year? I think they have a chance. There is nothing better being drunk at a bar at 3pm watching USA score against England! USA USA USA!


World Cup is coming! 2010… Does USA Have it in them?

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

So this summer is going to be awesome.  We are getting ready for another World Cup! I love the world cup because it brings everyone together.  Soccer is my favorite sport and I have traveled to different countries and all over the US to play.  Soccer was really a big part of my life and looking back at it as much as it could take away from my social life…… I loved every minute of it and would redo my life but would have trained harder.

Another great part of the world cup is watching the awesome commercials.  If you understand the art of Soccer then you will love this.  Here is the 3 minute commercial everyone is raving about.

On top of this…. I know this is a old one but always fun to watch.  Zidane VRS Rhonaldinio!

Who do you think will win the World Cup this year?


Tips For Imobster – How To Be The Best!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

imobsters-tipsSo if you are like me you have been addicted to Imobsters the app for you Iphone, Itouch, or just some phone where you can download the app and start playing! Maybe you are good or maybe you keep losing every battle and feel like you are stuck in a whole.  Well here are some tips to be at the best at Imobster application!

  1. Make sure you roll deep!
  2. Make sure you are earning a high hourly income daily
  3. Get the RIGHT weapons to attack and defend yourself

Lets go over why everything is so important!

Why should I roll deep?

The more mobsters you have the more weapons you can use in a fight.  Every weapon has a certain number of attack/defense points attached to it.  So if you have 100 people in your mob.  Lets you have 100 guard dogs that is 900 points for attack and defense.  If you fight against someone that has 90 people in their mob and they have stronger but fewer weapons totally 800 points then you have the advantage against your opponent.  So more mobters you have the more power you have!

Why Should I keep my income high?

Bottom line you never want to be broke.  You always want to have money.  Do you remember ScarFace?

“In this country,first you get the money, then you get the power,THEN you get the woman.”

You live by these rules I guarantee you will be a better mobster!

What do you mean get the RIGHT weapons?

If you started to play Imobster you are probably all excited and just start jumping on all the best weapons and spending all your hard money.  All these big weapons cost you a lot of money to upkeep.  So basically you become a broke mobster.  Just trying to make ends meet!  So here is a tip that if you take it the right way will make you very successful at imobsters!

  1. Grow your mob by searching through comments where people put their mobster number
  2. Spend most of your money on real estate to bring in the most money possible
  3. Purchase good weapons like the chain gun which only costs $3000 to upkeep but make sure that all of your mobster are using at least that gun – You get the point….. buy good guns that do not take a lot of upkeep while growing your hourly income

So this is how you become the champ at IMOBSTERS!

If you are looking for a mobster to join your crew…. Invite me and I will join your mob!




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Will the Apple Ipad Be The Next Bit Hit?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

appleipadWill the Apple Ipad Be The Next Bit Hit?

The question is will the Apple Ipad be the next big hit?  Well lets look at what is basically is.  A small portable computer that you can carry anywhere and not as bulky as a laptop.


  • New Gadget: People love new gadgets and tech people always want to be the first one to show it off.
  • Smaller than a laptop:  It is smaller than a laptop and easier to carry around.  Is a big perk to carrying a huge briefcase around.
  • Quicker To Load:  Will be faster then starting a laptop.  If it is anything like the Apple Ipad which  is super fast then getting on the net will be faster than ever!


  • Touch screen makes typing very slow
  • Does not stand upright.
  • This product is very expensive.  It is in between the price of the Ipod Touch and a regular laptop.
  • Will not be able to do design and other programs unless you pay for the extension of the keyword and the mouse which then becomes very cluttered and things can tangle.

The first reviews of the Ipad will definitely help or hurt the sales but all in all Apple will make some good money on this because it seems like whatever apple touches turns into gold.  The rich people will definitely buy it to test it out.  But is it the next big think?

So what do you think?

Gators Website got Screwed! This is kinda funny!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

So I was cruising through my favorite website the florida gators.  And i go to for all of my news.  But the funny thing is when I go there I see this image.

Click to enlarge!


Who did that guy piss off.   That is halarious.  But it seems like this guy got it fixed.  Man must have been bad karma for him! lol

Get Him Jealous

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Probably the most ignorant date a girl can go on is the old “make him jealous” date. It is ignorant because here is how it will go. You, as the female may know a fall back guy, or you may have to hustle and meet one. The fall back guy is the guy who is absolutely smitten with you, but you will not ever be willing to give him the time of day, you just use his good nature to suit your needs. This is already a strike towards karma, so watch your self. If you have to search actively someone out because you have not got a fall back guy you will undoubtedly turn to the Internet for a quick match. This will not add to your bad Karma, but you’re really gambling here, not everyone is honest about whom they are online, so watch your self on that. Once you have the date, you will casually mention it to the man you really want, or think you want, so he gets worried. He will hear of your date and his first reaction will be jealousy. Then in an instant it is gone, he is angry. He will not be openly angry, his sweet smile as he wishes you luck with this guy will make you want to claw his eyeballs out of their adorable sockets. You will not know he is angry, you will think he is done, so you had better up the ante. By up the ante I mean you will plan a better date than your guy has ever taken you on, and when you get ready for the date you will look positively perfect. Somehow you will manage to have him see how perfect you look for this date. His mind is going wide open, but you will never know. While he sits and stews on your date, his mind is working overtime, making plans of his own. If in your mans circle of friends, he is not the one guy who can get his friends in heaps of trouble, than your man knows this guy. This will be the first guy he calls to tell about your new date. This friend will be angrier than your man and will vow revenge on you via your man.
Meanwhile you sit on a date you did not even want to be on, bored out of your mind and unable to even concentrate on what your date is talking about. Instead your mind plays out scenarios with your man and you, and how this will all work out. It will be at this time you startlingly realize this is not going to work. Then unless you have a very good wing girl to call you and get you out of it, you are stuck. This jealousy date is usually a solo feat with us girls, we deep down know it will not work and we neglect to tell our best friend, who will assuredly tell you it’s a dumb idea and may talk you out of it. Prior to the date you know how it will go but you think maybe this time will be different. Stupid girls, we are sometimes.
You will have to complete the date, and stay out late or it will be obvious it was a crap date, your man will know. So we sit and wait. Wait and worry. It is too late now though, you are on the date and there is no turning back. The thing here is that while you are on your date, your man is with that friend of his. Maybe at the strip club, maybe just at the trashiest bar they know, searching out that one girl. We have all seen her at the bar. She is so drunk she can hardly walk, and her slutty outfit looks even sluttier as she shakes her ass all over the dance floor. She hangs all over the men, floating from one to the next, until someone asks to take her home. She will go, she is after all, the bar slut. It is what she does, and sick enough she never feels lowly, rather she is encouraged by the countless men she has taken into her bed, see’s it as a medal of slut honor or some shit. God only knows what she thinks, but I am certain it is not shame. More likely than not she is thinking “OMG, like I totally can’t wait to post these pics on MySpace!!” or she is not thinking, she is just a stupid slut, after all.
This stupid STD filled slut is about to fuck your man, and you, you dumbass. You are on the worlds worst date. Trying to make him envious.
See men do not get us, they cannot figure us out, so when we say we have that date, his man mind goes to his recollections of lovemaking with you. It is all he can see in there, your naked body, hot, sweaty, and writhing about passionately. But in his minds eye it is not him bringing you to orgasm. It is a faceless man who you have been on this date with. Men cannot believe we aren’t on this date to get some, see that is how they work to one up a girl. They sleep with someone else, and in a ninjaesque manner, we never know. He keeps this jewel to himself, knowing he won. While we may have no intentions of sleeping with the jealousy date guy, he believes we will. He will never believe you did not either, no matter how adamantly you swear you did not, and still you have no clue he has one upped you. The only way he will tell you is if you first tell him you slept with your date. But you have. not So while you sit there, lamely staring at your fall back guy, your man is in the sluts bed, naked, hot and writhing in passion. Now girls, who is the jealous one?
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Dating a Jerk – Go Out!

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

alcoholic-drinksSO my very best friend has a jerk off boyfriend. Jason, ewwww I do not like him at all. She doesn’t all the time either, but she swears she loves him. I let her see me gag now when she says that crap. We went through a lot with this man. All the way from being followed by him and screamed at by him to eviction papers to opps I’m pregnant. I only ever once got to go really out with this girl, all our time was spent doing retail therapy or tanning or some other girly function. Thats why I love her, she is such a total co-dependant girl. If she gets her nails done, why I should as well!

The one time we went out, she had enough of his tom-foolery for a while. She was mad, really mad and ready to cash it all in, to hell with love. So we made a big deal, got ready at her house. She primped and preened over herself, and my self as well, God what a girl! Hair, make-up, nails, she did it all.

She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and she looked radiant as usual. She looks like she got lost from her tropical island, beautiful. We were ready to go and she asks me where we should go. It was the middle of the week, so real excitement would be limited unless we went to The Emerald which is hot every night. She did not want to have to drive 94 so late, so mild it was. I prattled off all my favorite spots, and each one had a reason not to go from her. I was sure she was getting close to chickening out, so we drove. I told her we would just find some place and go in. The first bar had karaoke, she did not like that. The next one was too busy, after that too unbusy. UGH she was killing time. I called up a friend of mine and asked where he was drinking tonite, and thats where we headed. This was the guy I got my cat from, we are close, real close. I ordered a drink for us both and finally I could see her relaxing. When the girl brought our drinks I ordered four more for each of us. My friend looked at me in surprise, and I pointed to the clock, almost last call. All the work that went into her getting ready and picking the perfect place. She made it there just in time for last call. Five drinks did her alright and we went back to my cats old house where she finally was lit. Lit and glad to be out for once and honestly the house was better than any bar. Her dick face of a boyfriend doesn’t know where it is, no surprise visits from him. Plenty of angry calls, but we did not see him and once she shut her phone off, we had a very nice time afterall.

Canoeing With a Friend

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

1It seemed like a splendid idea, this canoeing trip his friend Mike offered. Jim gathered up the necessary supplies for this great canoe adventure. Loading up Mikes truck, and firmly securing the canoe above, Mike looked over at Jim, and said “this is going to be one hell of a trip..” It sounded cynical, but really they had planned this first time trip for the kids, and JIm believed he had a firmer grip on this “great outdoors” idea than met the eye, so all should go well.

They drove to the drop off point and unloaded their gear, and readying the canoe. Once that was settled, they had to drive down to the end spot, and park, then walk back to the canoe. The hike was pretty fast, even with Jims two kids, Gabby and Kaine- who did not often enjoy a good walk, Jim realized this trip would be a piece of cake!

They got the kids into the canoe with no difficulties, and set off. It was 1:30 in the afternoon. Almost immediately the path was crossed with a fallen tree. “No biggie,” Mike said, “we’ll just start on the other side of it, don’t worry.” Jim actually believed him, and helped pushed the canoe, through the current across the river and away from the tree to the open side. Breaking a sweat, and wet half way up his pants, he thought to himself, man! this is what I have been missing from the great outdoors…

With the canoe afloat, they sailed easily down the river, caught up in a decent flow. It was almost nice, Jim was thinking. Then suddenly, Wham! Another tree, this one spanning the length of the river, “what the heck, Mike?!?” Jim exclaimed. “Hey, we will just get out, carry the canoe to the other side of the tree, and then, I’m sure we’ll be fine.” said Mike. Resignedly, Jim replied, “Yeah you’re right, you said your friend just kayaked this right… RIGHT?” Mike just said” uh yea yea, right.”

Alright, they were again back on track, making good time, enjoying the scenery, then out of nowhere..
A sand bar??? Since when do rivers have sandbars? Jim found himself thinking. This is a total nightmare, why didn’t I just let their mom take them, she actually enjoys this outside crap! Incidentally a canoe doesn’t go fast or far in three inches of water. So guess who got to get out to push? For about 300 yards, Jim pushed the canoe, listening mutely as the kids roared in laughter at this situation. Welling up to a clever tirade, he opened his mouth to tell them off, and… oops, drop off. Now Jim was soaking wet and forgot his rant. Dripping in the sailing away vessel he hears a noise. A high pitched, multi voiced orchestra of sorts…. ARGH! It stung and itched!!! Aw crap, of course the one item that would have not crossed the mind of a Holiday Inn camper, as essential to have was sadly forgotten. Bug spray, and in Michigan, where the state bird ought to be the mosquito, the wretched by-plane sized beasts are plentiful, even in the big cities. Michigan mosquitoes are no laughing matter. If you are caught with out the protection of DEET, they know, and they spread the word incredibly fast. Now in addition to unsightly welts that form from a bite, you also have a chance at getting diseases, oh wonderful. The only way to keep the parasites at bay were to go faster in the canoe, try to out run them. This motley crew of canoers were doing pretty good at keeping the pace just fast enough.

Up ahead they spotted a bridge, cool, Jim was thinking, I never canoed underneath a bridge before, this is really cool. Luck being where it was in regards to Jim though, quickly killed that thought process. Wouldn’t you know it, another damn tree…. Once again, they pick up the 200 pound canoe, and walk it to the other side of the bridge. So much for canoing under it, Jim bitterly thought. By now he felt they needed a break from carrying, pushing, and intermittently rowing the canoe down river. He tells the kids, who were raised since infant-hood on Lake Huron, to go ahead and swim if they like, He knows he will finally get a break from worrying. After a little while, he and Mike felt rested enough to carry on. They called for the kids and began boarding the canoe. As Kaine was climbing in, Gabby saw something on his leg. “LEACH!!!!” she screamed shrilly like someone had been murdered and pointed to Kaines leg. Mike was the more outdoorsy of the two, and used Kaine’s pocketknife to scrape the leach off his leg. Just in time for him to see one on his sisters leg. This was not going to be fun. “Gabby, I need you to relax, this will only take a second, ” Jim instructed her ” Dad, it isn’t that one I am worried about, Kaine pushed me into the mud and I am afraid their is one somewhere else, ” she answered shakily. So for the first time in eleven years Jim had to look at his daughters bare bottom, embarrassing both of them completely. Luckily she was further, leach free. They got in, hoping to never have to do that again. Rowing off into their adventure once again, they were all glad to be away from the leach beach. Rowing went well for quite some time, the guys were thinking they must be nearing the end of their trip, plenty of time had passed. Perhaps just around this bend they were coming upon, would be the path home. It was a home, of sorts, just not the home the canoers hoped for. It was the largest widest beaver dam they had ever seen. The dam blocked the river so well that a 500 yard strip of sand had formed another sand bar. Jim sucked it up, blinked the tears that wanted to pour and held back the anguished “why? oh why?” wail that filled his throat. He seemed to be getting used to this version of non traditional canoing. They head up the sand bar, feet sucking in, when Mike says. ” we should carry the canoe through the path in the woods instead of through this sand.” It made sence to Jim who said, “sure, why not.”

This is when Jim and the kids discovered an interesting plant. This plant is called nettles, or nicknamed fire-weed. Its nickname was cleverly devised from the feeling your body gets, like it is on fire, when you come into contact with it. As Jim’s legs began to burn, his mind drifted to an episode on survival in the woods, he had seen on television. Yay! for The Discovery channel! He began scooping mud up and smearing it onto his legs, instructing the kids to do the same, ahhh who knew mud could fell so good?
They finally emerged form the woods, to the sound of the river. Boarding the SS Fun-ride, they set off again, drifting down for almost an hour. An hour of uninterrupted canoing, when a new problem arises for them. A fork in the river, two choices, Jim looked at Mike and asked, “now what captain? which way?” Mike just said, “ah”. They decided to dock and mull things over, and luckily Jim being ever so outdoorsy had packed his G.P.S. in the pack of essential items. Later, telling the tale he would get laughed at for bringing the tom tom, but today he was a hero. The device headed them in the right direction, Yay technology!!
They were nearing the end of the trip, Jim checked the time, 6:30. It has taken five hours to go the two miles. Hooting with joy that they had made it Mike and Jim pulled the canoe ashore, noticing people staring at them. It took a moment before it dawned on them, yelling the way they were, and covered in mud, like a group of saved castaways, how pathetic. Jim, mulling over the day recalled Mikes words and realized how right he was that this would be on hell of an adventure, one they will not soon forget.

Why you should not date me

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

jessI know that all your ex-girlfriends are ‘psychos.’ I’ve heard all about them. and hardly a day went by that you didn’t make some eye-rolling reference to ‘the ex wife/ crazy bitch’ who practically ruined your life and how she divorced your ass and quit paying your bills. now she see’s other guys and is happy. that, cunt.

I know that you don’t think I could ever be as good of a ‘psycho ex’ as she was. But, I assure you. I can. I’ll be such a raving lunatic nutcase – you won’t even remember her when I’m through with you. Try me.

For starters – I am great in bed. Isn’t that how all the ‘crazy’ ones start out? every time you have me, you will be amazed, and often, as in your case, drunk. you will slurringly profess your love to me, and i will return it. you will fall for me, and i for you.

people who know me know i am stark raving mad. had they any concern in your well being, they would have told you, warned you about me. but they secretly know i will explode, and you my new friend, will be fucked.


time will pass, and sometimes, when the light hits my eye, you can see lunacy. i will get angry one day because if your wife is such a psycho, then why dont you leave her? i will tell you we are done, i wont be your mistress. more time will pass, you will remember the sex. eventually you will move in with friends, leave the wife, and not pay your share of the rent. i will be oblivious to this fact, and we will start getting serious again. and we will still be having great sex. in fact, as you lay one day,recovering, trembling, from my felatious methods, your mind wanders. you begin to think, i think i could marry this girl…. little do you know, i am totally about to open a can of crazy ass on you..

Your roommates will get tired of your living there for free, and you will ask to move in with me. you will eventually give me 100 dollars for staying in my already cramped apartment. i will work many hours at multiple jobs. you will work at an arranged job you got from your now estranged wifes friend. we will be mostly, well i will be mostly drunk when i get home anyways, it just happens when i stop off at the bar. and, i have mirrors. look at you. the great sex will be largely on me, as despite your actually not being hung poorly, your skill is greatly lacking. you however will, think this is (as it very possibly is,) the greatest sex of your lifetime. i will be mostly drunk. you will join in getting drunk, and slurringly ask for me to marry you. as i fall off the couch, i drunkenly will agree. more great sex, and while i sleep, you will pee on my bed.


But you know i am still a time bomb. you can feel it. i will be tired at this point of working to keep us all in home, you will constanly remind me how you paid rent. once. you will also frivously spend money on things like laser flashlites, and ps2 games.i will be sick with the hours i work, and never get ahead.and i will decide to move, for financial sake, and for now, you will be good with it. so far i wont know you’re about to lose your job, for being drunk.

When we decide to move, you will be glad. you will express plans of the future. i will get excited. suddenly it all changes. we have to move sooner, in a week. you wont be happy, your job wont transfer since you got in trouble, yet you will tell me it did. you will force me to leave behind over half of my belongings because you needed all of everything you ever owned your entire life. you will not help pack, or load any heavy furniture. you will be in a pissy mood, only because you can read my psychotic rage aura. like a stormfront coming in at dusk.

We will get to our destination, after your pos truck almost dies the whole 856 mile trip. and i had to leave my truck cause yours was more dependable. i suppose if your depending on getting killed by mountain pumpkin heads, well hell. you win. you can hear the crazy everytime i open my mouth. but you stay, great fucking sex, afterall..

As your job transfer was a cover story, you will begin to fill your days with video games. you havent got a job afterall. you graciously offer to take me to find myself a job… i will find one, and while i go off to work each day, you will worry about having no money, you spent the 200 you came with on 23 wrong parts for your truck. you will drive 30 minutes, one way to pawn your mothers wedding ring. the very ring you proposed to me with. you will also pawn your ps2, and have to resort to playing my 6 year old nephews pokemon game.


You will lie about filling out apps, you will go, and be gone, but never actually go job hunting. you will fix one doorknob, and point it out to the household, as if expecting a damned nobel prize. you will even lie for 3 weeks about the alleged transfer, going so far as to fake a phone call to the store manager here. you will even tell me in three days at 9 am you start training for a job. 3 days later i ask you at 10 why you didnt go.
My family here can tell you, if they gave a shit, that i am about to become the craziest bitch you ever dealt with, but again. they dont. i overhear you one day talking about how i am such a bitch, i expect you to just go out and work, i hide my laptop so you cant get on myspace all day, and i used the last bit of gas in your truck. at this point, you have seen only mildly nuts, as i BEGIN to unleash with all my craziness. i will tell you to go home to your mom, i am done with your sponging off of everyone. and you will go home to your mom.

This is where crazy begins. you will be alone, and seeing me on myspace having a good life. ohhh, it kills you. you keep trying to contact me and i get a ppo. you will still persist. all the while i will only mention in my own writings that your still at it, will be the truth,and what i write will stay up, anyone who can read can see how this has been playing out. and that while i try to move on, and i think its finally safe to go on a public profile, BAM there you are again. this is where i go really crazy.

At this point i am not replying to you comments. i just mention them in blogs. that is some sick twisted shit right there yo. i will get a new phone and move on. and you will crash your pos truck, get a dui, and see my craziness more, when i dont care (fucking crazy bitch) i wont fucking care. you will keep writing, and i wont care because i am the crazy one. i wont care what you do, and i wont reply to your messages and comments. i will continue to laugh at you in my blogs as you desparatly attempt to get me to talk to you, to respond. but, i, in my crazy world, will not. you will blame crashing the truck on me, as you were drinking your sorrows about me away, and i will never care. even that you hurt yourself. i wont care. now thats a crazy bitch.

Years later, you will be on a date. you will say some lewd comment and she will pour her beer in your lap. people will stare. your wingman will say, shes crazy. you will say, no. you should see my truck. craziest bitch i ever knew ruined it and my life. crazy fucking bitch.