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Is Bob Stooky Going To Die – The Walking Dead

Monday, October 20th, 2014

What a show last night. This season has really picked up compared to last season. Terminis was a quick ending and now they are ending up in a church. The ending when Bob Stooky got hit gave a great cliff hanger that gets us excited for next weeks episode. So the big question, is Bob Stooky from the walking dead going to die next episode or will he be living with a cut off leg like Hershel.

Bob Spooky - Walking Dead

Fill out our survey and let us know if you think Bob Spooky will be a live after next weeks episode!

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Did Hershel From The Walking Dead Die? Vote Now

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

The Walking Dead season premiere on AMC was intense.  We have found out so much information to kick start a crazy season.

Some New Info we learned from the Season Opener

  1. Everyone is infected
  2. The Entire Team Knows Rick Killed Shane
  3. They are now camping in a prison – Hoping to find medical supplies
  4. Hershel gets bitten on his leg and Rick chops it off with an axe
  5. At the end Darrell points his weapon at a group of people that are not Walkers!

The big question here tonight is!  Will Hershel survive?  Will He Bleed Out!  What is going to happen to him now!  Vote below and let’s all enjoy the season!

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We will continue to follow this season and come up with polls.  Which way do you think things are going to pan out?  Are you ready for a Zombie Attack?

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