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Plate Topper Update, How are they doing? – Shark Tank

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

So we love to follow back up to see how companies have done after being on the shark tank. Plate topper was a great product that was generating over 1 million in sales in about 4 months. Michael Tseng came up with the product while he was in college because he did not like the way saran wrap covered the plates. He was flipping and flopping on his offer and was losing offers left and right. All of the sharks hated him by the end of the episode.

How is Plate Topper Doing Now?

  • Revenue: Over $10,000,000 in sales!
  • Projections For The Future: Now featured on Amazon, Walmart, QVC and many more stores!

Seems pretty good! Looks like Lori made a great decision to go into the offer at 8% equity for only $90,000. Lori had the connections and Michael could have gotten a better deal if he would jumped on the offer early on.

Let’s look at some reviews of what people think of Plate Topper:

“I love my plate toppers. you just sit them on top of your plate of food and they make a suction and fit tight. They keep whats on your plate fresh. When you are ready to eat you can warm the whole plate in the microwave and there is no mess or just pop the plate topper off your plate and enjoy your food. And lets not forget the stack great too!”

“i use it all the time and will recomend it, it works great
it keeps my food warm and i love the color”

Many five star reviews. We think everyone should get themselves a plate topper. Mark, are you mad you did not go in this offer now? We challenge Mark to reach out to us at MyScratchOff to make us an investment on our community! What do you say?

Eyeblock Sharktank – Will You Buy The Product?

Monday, October 20th, 2014

If you have been watching Shark Tank you are probably like most and love to follow up on stories of how companies are doing after they have been on Shark Tank. Some of the best stories are the ones where the Sharks bash the entrepreneur on their product. For example, the eyeblock. This was a small piece of plastic that goes over your camera on your laptop or computer. The biggest thing about making this product live was that it brought awareness to internet security. So that is a win in it self for all the internet security companies.

Some of the biggest issues with the eyeblock was the price of the product. $9.99 for a piece of plastic when you can easily put a piece of tape over it. Yes the tape is sticky and is not the best option. Nobody wants to spend ten dollars for a piece of plastic. Honestly if I were to get this product I would probably lose it.

Was a huge success story?

Apparently after researching about the eyeblock, it did increase sales after the show airing but he still has thousands of products in inventory. You can reach more about his article and experience of shark tank here:

Let’s us know what you think about the eyeblock!

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