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Grand Travel Worldwide Island Trader Fliers a Scam?

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Hi Guys,

We are reporting on another potential scam and want the community to come together to make people aware of another company called Grand Travel Worldwide Island Trader. The send out fliers offering 3 day/2 night vacations. All you have to do is go to a 90 minute presentation and you get the free hotel stay. Now, if you play the game right, you can really get free vacations this way. I know plenty of people that use these time share presentations to get free hotels. We want to see what people think about Grand Travel Worldwide Island Trader.

There is a possibility once you buy the timeshare from Grand Travel that you are locked in and cannot get out of your contract easily. They give you three days to cancel your contract but they do not mail you your membership cards until about 10+ days after you sign the contract.

Here are some steps to game the Time Share Agencies like Grand Travel

  • Use a Visa Giftcard for the $25 deposit for the room
  • Come ready to say no to their exclusive offer
  • Negotiate with the offering they are giving you. You can get between $50-$125 to show up to the timeshare meeting.
  • If they try to make you stay, start getting loud

These are steps that I have used in the past. Make sure you research the company before you start trying to game Time Share agencies. They are preying on the weak or someone that buys into the dream!

The Golf Network by CVM Custom Vacations Mexico – Scam?

Monday, October 20th, 2014

We are looking for everyone’s feedback and experience with The Golf Network by CMV Vacations Mexico if it is a scam. There are some decent timeshares out there but this one seems to be a bit fishy. They are offering very cheap vacation time shares for $500. I have never heard of these types of offers but I we want to know everyone’s experience with this company.

Let us know the following:

  • Have you been scammed by CMV Vacations Mexico?
  • Did you actually use one of their vacation spots?
  • How are the resorts?
  • Would you recommend others using CMV Vacations Mexico?

Let us know your story so our entire community can be up to speed with this company. As you know Time Shares can be tricky but there is a potential to get a head and win over the timeshare companies if you do it right and have connections.  They promise you fast profits and that people will rent out your timeshare because they have many many contacts. We have found several blogs talking about how Custom Vacations Mexico is in deed a scam.

Here are some articles about this company:

Thanks again for being a part of our strong community against fighting scammers!

Gambol Photography Charlotte NC – Bad Review & Horror Story

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

This is an article about a friend that had a horrible story working with Gambol Photography in Charlotte, NC.  Megan Mook was the photographer that was doing the photo shoot.  Gambol Photography was giving away a free bridal portrait in Charlotte NC.  The winner of this photo shoot had nothing but a horrible time trying to work with Megan.

Here is a list of reasons why

  • She never meets deadlines – She will postpone your pictures over and over again
  • She will set priorities based on how much she gets paid per job.
  • She overbooks herself. – She is slow
  • Very unprofessional when working with clients – You can see the email below.
  • She could ruin your whole engagement experience
  • Would you take a chance on Gambol Photography?
  • Belittles you as a person
  • Very Judgemental – Please read email below

Honest opinion.  You can try using Gambol Photography but I would not risk it especially if you are paying big money to get the pictures of your dreams.

After missing multiple deadlines over and over again.  A friend wrote a email saying they really want the pictures and that she is ruining her whole experience.

~ Yea she might be good but if you get on her bad side.  Do not be surprised if you get something like this. Are you really going to take a chance?~


This response will be very factual and to the point, mainly because I do not allow myself to be drawn into arguments that have no reason to have begun in the first place. I will lay out some facts for you, and leave it at that. Let me preface by letting you know that I am sorry that you are upset and unsatisfied, and truly hope you find a photographer for your big day that is able to deliver exactly what you are expecting.

1.      First and foremost, let me remind you that you were chosen/drawn/picked to receive a free bridal portrait session. Free. Our entire goal in doing that giveaway was to choose a deserving bride and gift her free photos of her in her wedding dress. A regular bridal portrait session is $250, before tax, travel fees and prints. You asked me if you could switch it to an engagement session instead. I generously agreed, even though I knew we were in the busiest time of the season as far as weddings were concerned ( that is my fault entirely for attempting to do something nice, and probably won’t be happening again now that I’m aware how grateful people are when they are given a gift ). I asked you to pay a measly $50 for your engagement session. A regular engagement session is $300, before tax, travel fees and prints. I didn’t charge you tax, I drove over an hour to the location YOU requested because it was special to YOU, didn’t charge you anything for travel, hiked through the woods while pregnant, and gladly snapped away at every idea and whim you asked of me.  We gifted you $250 toward a photo session that we never intended to give away and didn’t complain a bit. I feel so sorry for the hundreds of other brides that put their names into the jar that we could have chosen.

2.      I know you stated you “could care less what else ( I ) have going on” but the reality is, there are other people getting married in the area. I know that no bride wants to hear that she is not the only one getting married, but unfortunately, other people depend on us and have paid thousands of dollars for us to deliver their wedding day to them. Your wedding day is next October. I’m sorry, but I refuse to say to my 4 recently-married ladies, “Sorry, your wedding photos that you paid $3,000 are going to have to wait a few weeks because I have to focus all of my attention on 1 person that is getting married next year and received a *basically* free photo shoot.”  The world runs on priorities. I understand it feels like eons to receive photos back, but in reality, waiting a month or more is not outrageous, or even uncommon. And wedding albums? Don’t expect anything back from any professional photographer for at LEAST 2-3 months… Oh, except us. We actually have one of the fastest turnaround times in the region.  This section actually ties in with your whole question about, “What on earth were you doing with them for over five weeks if you weren’t touching them up?”  Answer: laying them aside while I completed previously contracted weddings that came month and in some cases, a year before we offered you a photo session that you originally didn’t have to pay anything for. Surely, SURELY you can understand this workflow. Which brings me to the next issue:

3.      I deeply apologize for correcting my honest mistake and delivering corrected, blemish-removed photos to you. Totally unacceptable of me. I most definitely should have simply allowed you to view the untouched versions so you’d be happy. Please forgive me for taking the time to painstakingly making sure your skin looked perfect. So silly and unprofessional of me. And, how DARE I be honest with you and let you know what I missed and that I did take the time to correct it. I’m truly a con-job.

4.      Everyone and their Mom is a “photographer” today. If you have a nice camera, you can be a photographer! And put out mediocre work! And charge actual money for crap!  😀

Aaannd you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

You want your images delivered when you *want* them? That’s fine, they’ll look hideous. You want your images delivered when they are *ready* and *finished*? Good! They’ll look how you hoped they would. One of the biggest annoyances about our job is people who are under the impression that editing a photo is as simple as popping it into Picasa and running a bunch of cruddy effects on it. Sure, you can do that. Or, you can put time and effort into it and *shocker* make it look like actual photography! The latter sounds better to me, and that’s exactly how we do things. It. Takes. A. Long. Time. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what photography studio you use, I don’t even care how much you pay. A *real* photographer will not release poor quality, un-worked images to you, period. Sometimes you have to wait a while for great things. Fact of life. Want to know how long it takes to fully edit 1 ( one ), ONE photo? About half an hour. Know how many engagement photos we typically include in the final disc? About 50 ( so, laughably, I actually gave you about 20 more than I ever give normal, paying clients. I do apologize for that mistake as well ). Know how many wedding photos we typically include in the final album? Between 6 and 700. I’m sure you can do the math to figure out how long it takes JUST to edit that many images. This doesn’t even factor in weeding, RAW editing, finalizing, burning, etc., etc. It’s a process, a long one. Fun fact, take it with you whenever you have to work with another photographer; they’ll really appreciate your understanding how long and hard they work.

5.      As far as the “timeline”, I believe I already addressed that quite enough in the section where I mentioned our currently contracted clients ( “client” being someone who has signed a contract to book us for their wedding day, paid the balance due them, and treats us civilly ).  But just to wrap that up, I told you the day of your shoot that I would “probably” have your “sneak peek” up that evening, but never did I guarantee anything. I do not give guarantees to anyone without a contract, because  A:  I can get into legal trouble if something were to happen and their album was late, and  B: because they are paying me a lot of money to deliver the biggest day of their life that happened in the very, very near past. Those people get priority, as I mentioned, and surely you can understand the workings of that.  At that time, I also made you aware of the fact that the month was about to get extremely busy for us, but that I would give my full attention to your images when I was able. That was the full truth, and I kept my word. I apologize for that. I should have simply split my attention between your and 4 other brides’ photos. That would have been more fair and professional. Sorry!

*Bonus Fact!* –  Our Facebook page is there solely for the enjoyment of our fans and current clients. Nowhere, in any contract do I ever guarantee that I will post anything. Facebook is a tool. I don’t have to post any images on there that I don’t feel like posting ( this actually didn’t even apply to your shoot; I loved your images ).  We did a wedding the other weekend that was very plain and not well thought-out. That’s not getting posted. Because I don’t want to. Enough said ( by the way, I went ahead and removed your photos that I had posted, just because I’m sure you don’t want them up there for everyone to see that you worked with such a terrible, unprofessional photographer. No need to thank me ).

6.      I do not work when I am out of town for weddings, or during family holidays ( aka, Thanksgiving ). So, that cut out a little bit of my normal working time. Literally the only days I do not do any work whatsoever are on Sundays ( oh, except for people that I thought were kindhearted and thankful to have a free photo shoot that I drove over an hour *on a Sunday*  to come and do for them while pregnant ). Sundays are my only “days-off” with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yep, life again, at its best. But, it’s work and I don’t complain, just wanted you to know that other little fun fact.

7.      About rescheduling your shoot twice:  I explained all of this to you and was replied to with:
“Hi Megan!
Rescheduling will actually work better for us – I definitely need to recharge after this week!”

The second time, I explained that I had a bridezilla on my hands ( a couple of them, actually ) and asked * if it was ok* with you to reschedule. I ASKED. That means, I inquired as to whether or not you were willing to. How did you respond?

“Not a problem at all – I’ve heard some horror stories about bridezillas!  Don’t worry about it, we can reschedule 🙂  ”

Now, I may be wrong, but those responses sure seem understanding and perfectly willing. I mean, surely if you had a serious issue with it, you would have SAID so, so that I wouldn’t have rescheduled you? Typically, when you have a problem with something, you speak up about it. I was greeted with “rescheduling will work better”, “not a problem at all”, and smiley faces. I truly apologize for being so dense as to not notice your seething frustration about the reschedule.

8.      I’m glad you think the photos are beautiful. I put a lot of time and effort into them ( again, sorry about that! Silly me ).

9.      Last but not least, this is just a PSA:  Short of driving the delivery truck myself, I do *not* control the mail. I don’t have much faith in it either. That’s why in my text message to you the other day, I asked you to please let me know if the package did not reach you today so that I could make the trek down to Charlotte and personally hand your disc to you. I didn’t WANT you to have to wait, why would I? That’s absurd. I wanted you to have your images as soon as possible so I was perfectly willing to make that happen. How uncaring and sneaky of me.

You can certainly choose to not believe that the receipt I sent you was from my mailing your package; that’s fine. However,  here is the conversation that took place before I sent that out on Friday morning:

Nov. 28 (WED)
MEGAN:    “I’ll let you know when I get your disc mailed out ( which, like I said, I’m  expecting  will be Friday morning, so you’ll  probably  have them in your hands by Saturday.”

( Look at all those non-guaranteed words. Never did I promise your disc would be there on a certain date. Not once ).

Nov. 29 (THURS)

Plain and simple:  I updated you to let you know your disc was ready on Wednesday, asked for your address. You replied with your address on Thursday. I mailed out your disc on Friday morning ( and sent you a photo of the receipt ). Like I said, you can believe whatever makes you feel best, but I don’t really have the time to debate what I have record of doing and try to convince you that I’m being honest. My whole livelihood relies on my honesty and being open with my clients. Not sure why you think I would jeopardize that.

10.   With all said and done, I really am sorry about the wait you had to endure, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart for everything. Specifically, I’m deeply apologetic for:

–       Being honest with you
–       Taking my time to ensure you received flawless images
–       Not working on my precious-few off days or holidays ( so selfish of me )
–       Catering to your requests ( driving so far for your shoot, hiking, etc. NONE of which I minded in the least, until now )
–       Delivering your final disc to you BEFORE I received your scathing, aggressive, uncalled-for email

And finally, I am deeply sorry for choosing you to receive a free portrait session. That’s totally our fault, and I can see now how huge of a mistake that was. Please forgive us.

If the mail system actually comes through and your disc makes it to you ( which, as luck would have it, probably will arrive tomorrow just to annoy me ), I truly hope you enjoy your images. Had you sent me that email one day earlier, I certainly would have thrown the disc in the trash, sent your whopping $50 back, and not given it a second thought. It’s out of my hands, however, and I don’t have the time to waste getting into legalities. Enjoy your photos. Oh, and I’m very sorry about the freebies I emailed you today. It really sucks that you now have pictures in which your skin is flawless to show people, instead of the untouched versions.

I shame myself with how terribly mean and unprofessional I am.



Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

If you are looking for a nice Rolex or expensive watch and do not want to spend the money you do have some alternatives. is a website that sells knock offs.  We have heard from searching through the internet that these watches really look legit!

[poll id=”27″]

The question is do you feel comfortable walking around with a replica watch.  If you feel comfortable then you should do that.  If anybody has bought watches from this company please share your feedback in blog article!

Our Opinion:

1) Website 6/10 – They could invest more money in a nicer looking website

2) Communication Support 10/10 – They have multiple ways that you can contact this company

3) Special Deals – 8/10 Free shipping is always great!

Who will win our 2012 Election? Vote Now!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

[poll id=”26″]

So we want to make our own poll to see who is going to shape our country for the next 4 years.  Who do you really want to win this presidential election?  Politics suck because nothing ever gets completed and everyone is always fighting but since this is an important topic we wanted to see how the people at will be voting!

Fake Check Scams – How They Work!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

As a big gaming website we want to make sure everyone is aware of scams that are going on right now.  The last thing in the world is want one of our members getting ripped off by some low life scammer.  MyScratchOff wants you to win money and prizes not lose it!

So we took the time to tell you how these tricks work!

First you need to follow these rules when doing something.

  1. If it is too good to be true!  Trust me it is!
  2. Research The Company or person that is giving you this check

The number one rule that you must always follow!

If you win something it should be free!  Here at we do not ask you for anything but your mailing address when you win a prize.  That is it!  Get your prize and end of story.

This is how the fake check scams work.

  1. You receive a fake check.  It looks legitimate.  You even deposit the check.
  2. The person that wrote you the check asks for some of the money back or a fee for sending the check.   If this happens just return the check. – DO NOT CASH OR SEND MONEY
  3. Once you send them the money everything seems fine.
  4. Around week 3 or 4 your bank contacts you that the check was fake.

The problem is that fake checks can be hard spot out.  Banks make the cash available to you after so many days for government checks so you actually think you have the money.

So be careful and never send money to anybody who has told you that you can won a big prize.  International lotteries are something you should never sign up for because most of the time people are just trying to scam you.

I hope you save people money in the future so they do not fall for scams.  Remember the #1 rule.

Never send money to someone if they say you won a prize so you can claim it.  They are going to give you some bogus reason why you need to send them money!  Tell them no and walk away!

Osama Bin Laden is Dead – Now What?

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

So the US just killed Osama Bin Laden and now we are all wondering that what is next. Will the war on terror still going to go on. But this is a day of celebration for all of us. Lets all celebrate on this great accomplishment of our army and special forces. We have been waiting for the death of Osama Bin Laden for so long now.  So now what? I guess we go on with our lives. We got some funny t-shirts for sale to celebrate the death of Osama.

Picture Jared Lee Loughner 22 – Shot Gabrielle Giffords & Many More!

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Here is the picture from what we believe to be his myspace that was taken down probably by the feds.

Some people just make me sick.  I am happy that he is not dead right now so he can live with what he has done and goes through hell in jail because that is what he deserves.  Bless everyone that has been effected by this and lets hope everyone that was involved gets brought to justice.  Killed a 9 year old girl!  Come on man!  Thank you for a great start to 2011!

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If you do not like what we have listed write a comment on what you think about this because we all would love to know what you think!

Track Baseball/Softball Statistics With Statillac Software Easy!

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

So a good friend of mine which has helped me develop my website showed me one of the projects that he has completed for one of his clients.  So I did not know how hard it was to keep track of sports such as football or baseball/softball.  The reason why is because I never played those sports.  Track baseball statistics has never been so easy!  I played soccer my whole life.  Well my friend completed a C# windows application based software to keep track of stats for sports.  They have completed this software for tracking baseball and softball stats during the games. They have testimonials that Statillac software is the easiest and the best baseball stat software that they have used to date! All you need is a computer and you can use the very easy interface to keep track  of everything.

Now it is $100 to purchase the program.  But the great thing is that you can try this out 100% risk free by downloading the trial version.  You can use it on two games and if you are satisfied with its tracking then you can purchase the product key and unlock it to use it forever.

The owner of the company a Charlotte Based company has already had local high schools in the area use it for live tracking and they submitting testimonials that they loved the software and that it was ready to track the players stats.  Great game statistics software that they will have in the future available for future sports.

So you have to check out for Baseball/Softball Stat Software.

Did Charley Sheen Beat Brooke Mueller?

Friday, November 5th, 2010

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Charley Sheen is one of the biggest party animals in the celebrity industry right now. He has also had lawsuits on him for previous relationships.  Seems that Charley might be a drunk abusive celebrity.  But he sure knows how to party.  Last week he was found butt naked in a hotel room face down.  If you think you can party you should party with Charley Sheen.

Brooke and Charley are going to get a divorce and this is just another one of Charley Sheens stunts.  I am sure he signed a prenup.  But still what is Charlie’s net worth and how much is he going to lose from this bad investment.  Well the question here today is do you think Charley Sheen beat on Brooke Mueller.  I do not think so.  But what does everyone else think?