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How Big Are JWoww's Breasts Boobs Size on Jersey Shore? Take A Vote!!

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

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So JWoww from the jersey shore has never told anyone exactly how big her breasts size is. Well lets get all the experts aka.. us… to vote on how big you think JWowws boobs are.  I have uploaded some images so maybe you guys can take a look and take a very good educated guess.

Marketing is power in this world so lets try to get this poll viral and get her attention and make some kind of contest out of it.  So if you are a Jersey Shore fan than put your vote in and share this poll with a friend.

JWoww is going to be around for a while since she has become a star on the show Jersey Shore. There is news that she might be in Playboy and possible that she already has nude images of her.

Time will tell and I am sure everything will come out shortly after the closing of season 2 of Jersey Shore.  So if you already answered the question on big her boobs are then check out our other cool related articles.

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Get Abs Like The Situation Mike From Jersey Shore

Friday, September 17th, 2010

mikeabs1So you want to look like Mike. Funny saying like that, but the situation has branded himself as the man with the nice abs. To be honest with you, he does have a really nice six pack and I wish I had them too.

Well Mike The Situation has a product out on the market right now. The product is called Extreme NO. Seems like a good product. I have never tried the stuff but would love to hear on this blog if anyone did. If the situation endorses it he must really like it.

It did seem like Mike the Situation was packing on some pounds at the end of season 1 but comes back in season two looking more ripped than ever. It must be this product that he is on right now.

Mike can be a DB sometimes but he does have abs of steel and if he says this is the deal I might as well try it. The best part about it is that they are giving a trail offer. All you have to pay is shipping and handling  with a money back guarantee.  They must be trying to get the word out about this product so they can get more testimonials of people that get amazing abs after this.

I will try this product and if I get abs of steel like the situation I will definitely posts the pictures here for you!

The Product is called:

Extreme NO

Who is Mike "The Situation" Jersey Shore DWTS Partner?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Mike “The Situation” from the jersey shore will be on Dancing with the Stars. Seems like things are going good for The Situation. He is really starting to make a brand for himself.

So Who is The Situations partner?karina-smirnoff-b

Karina Smirnoff!  Whoaa She is HOTT!

Karina Smirnoff will be a great partner for the Mike “The Situation” because she is a really good dancer. Karina’s only concern is that Mike will be showing up late because he is still taping footage for the jersey shore.

Dancing with the stars made a great choice choosing him for DWTS because this will bring a lot of viewers to watch this show. People are obsessed with Situation so I am sure that he will make it past the first round.

The funny this will be Mike creeping on Karina Smirnoff with his jersey shore slang and I am not sure how she will take it. But I am sure this Jersey guy will step up his game for the challenge.

Best Jersey Shore Slang – Quotes From MTV & Jersey

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Jersey Shore Slang & Sayings!


Compiling a list of the best Jersey Slang coming from the Jersey shore show and everywhere else!

DTF – Down To Fuck – Plain and simple…. A chick that like sto get her thing on!

GTL – Gym Tan Laundry….. The way of Life!

DTS – Down To Snuggle – Snooki loves to do this with Vinny before they get their groove on!

IFF I’m Fucked Foundation – Ronnie is the leader of this group that way he treats Sammie at the shore!

Grenade Usually the wing chick that is ugly. This happened plenty of times at the Jersey Shore where they had to extract the Grenade from the hot chicks. The Situation is excellent at this extraction.

The Zoo When a hot chick brings ugly friends.

Did You Know “The Situation” – Has His Own Body Building Product Now?

Get Abs Like The Situation

If you guys no anymore slang please add it as a comment! If you are from Jersey please step up and lets make this list complete!

How Much Does Mike “The Situation” Make Per Episode of Jersey Shore

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Without a doubt The Situation is the main character or the Jersey Shore sitcom on MTV that has started a craze among young people in the US.  Also controversy among Italian Guido’s say they are represented wrong.

From our findings from reputable sources he is earning a whopping $10,000 an episode.  Not bad for a Guido that did not have much of future but creeping on women till he is 40-50 showing off his rock hard abs.

That is not all!  The Situation gets paid for appearances to go to bars and talk shows.  Even in Charlotte NC there have been Jersey Shore parties where the best looking Guido and Guidette wins a cash prize.

This is crazy how this all started.  How did Jersey shore really start?  Well if you ask me it started from a youtube sensation “My New Hair Cut”.  Video was a huge hit and the Guido craze started and a couple of years later MTV capitalizes on this concept.

MTV really hooked up these individuals of the Jersey Shore Cast for life with fame and money that they can live comfortably their whole life if they do not spend it foolishly.
Do you think they are over paid?

Jersey Shore Season 2?

Monday, January 25th, 2010

So the newest MTV show the “Jersey Shore” was a huge hit.  It reportedly  had 4.8 million viewers on its season finale.  The jersey shore cast members are saying that they want a season 2 and to be paid 10k per episode.  A total of 100K for the summer.  Not bad from some fist pumping punks?

Lifestyles Jersey Shore Men

The issue is will MTV have the same cast members again?  I do not think so!  This show is like the real world and those jersey shore members are going to be old news soon.  You want to see new people.  New drama and new fights with different people.  New guido’s and guidettes!

The Jersey Shore cast members are not earning 10k per special appearance to talk shows and events.  Seems like a sweet gig for these people!

So I have a question for you guys.  Do you guys want to see new cast members or the same Jersey Shore cast members?

Is Vinny Getting Kicked Off The Jersey Shore?

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

First of all I would like to say finally Vinny is getting some action on the jersey shore. This dude has probably been the quietest Guido on the show after he got his pink eye from dancing with the fat chick on the dance floor. Vinny is cool so I hope he does not get the boot. He is probably the only sane Guido there. The Situation is a retard. Pauly D is alright. Man the twists and turns in this show is going crazy.


This fist pumping fool better stay on the show!  They made it seem in the previews that the boss is telling him to pack his shit out by the night.  So I dont know.  I do not think they would say that and kick him off.  They are probably messing with our minds! Well I guess we will see next Thursday when we watch jersey shore again probably the funniest show on MTV now and ever!

"The Situation" Jersey Shore is a TOOL!

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

So as a fellow Jersey Boy living there my whole childhood I have to say the show on MTV Jersey shore is hilarious and awesome. It shows how some people are just full of themselves and others how they play their game right.

Here is the Number 1 TOOL of Jersey Shore


This guy is so full of himself.  The best part about the show is when it shows the cockiest guy on the show cry like a little bitch when Ronnie steals Sammie from him.  So she likes to make out with more than one guy at a bar.  WELCOME TO THE JERSEY SHORE PEOPLE!  I never heard a guy cry and bitch as much as the situation did.  The funny thing is that he is still saying what a mistake she is doing and she will come around because he is the situation.  What a retard!!  If the Situation would read this article he would just say “I am Hating” and hes got a full time job for me then.  No that is not what I am saying.   I am saying you gotta step up your macking skills because you just got played son!