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Is Gangnam Style The Best Youtube Video Of all Time? Vote Now

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Gangnam style has hit the US and it has been crazy. For some reason you cannot stop watching the video. I watch this video about 2 -3 times a week and it puts a smile on my face.

As of right now October 10, 2012 they have 412,216,320 views

This is just crazy!  I believe this video will hit 1 billion views and make history as one of the best videos of all time.  I really wonder how much money he has made on this video.  Please vote below if you think Gangnam Style is the best Youtube Video of all time!

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Some Other Greats!

Numa Numa was a huge hit. But only has 48 million views. Nothing compared to Gangnam Style:

The Bed Intruder Song over 100 million views and still great!

I am on a boat! Awesome video but still nothing compared to PSY Gangnam Style!

Like A Boss. Is one of my favorites. Reaching over 100 million views. Not bad but still not a chance!

Thank you for enjoying the videos. Please share and like and follow us! Please share your favorite in the comments!

Cure a Hangover Easy With The Hangover Bus

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

This is crazy new way to get people past the hangover problems.  To cure a hangover or to not cure a hangover that is the question.  Well supposedly you can jump on a bus in Vegas and cure your hangover.  If anyone tries it please let us know.  They will put an IV into you and drip liquids into you so your hangover will be cured.

I would be afraid about the sanitation of the bus.  People working with needles and people on a bus does not seem safe to me.  Well if it fixes a hangover and is the cure then this might be a huge hit.  But I guess we will never really know.

Here is the official story of this.

Dad Shoots Laptop Video – Good Parenting Style?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

So a dad posted a video on Facebook. I honestly think it is awesome what he did. Kids have no respect. As a recent kid, haha, I know how we can lack respect because we expect the world. We always exaggerate and believe that everything should be handed to us.

Watch this video to the end. You will see this dad shooting a laptop with his gun. Vote if you think this video is harsh or is justice?

Vote Below:

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Stay Great People! And respect your peers!

Buy Fake Lottery Tickets | Best Fake Lottery Tickets to Trick Your Friends

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

So we enjoy telling people about winning money at MyScratchOff.  We also like to show people how they can play practical jokes on you and your friends.  Fake Lottery Tickets are a great way to trick your family and friends.  Of course do not do it if they have a short temper lol!

Video of somebody winning fake lottery scratch off ticket!

The best way to trick someone with a fake lottery ticket is to follow the plan below:

  1. Buy Fake Lottery Ticket Online  – Amazon or other great places they are really cheap!
  2. Buy Real lottery tickets so you can mix the fake lottery tickets with real ones.
  3. You have to pick a special event.  Unless giving lottery tickets is the norm.  Birthday or holiday.
  4. Setup a video camera to watch his reaction

In the end this is pretty cruel.  The best person to trick is someone that is oblivious to scratch off lottery.  There are a lot of hardcore scratch off lottery players and fake tickets will not trick anyone.

Good luck to anyone that tries this and make sure you write a comment below of your experience.  Check out the video of somebody winning on a fake lottery ticket on Christmas.  Awesome Video!

Do you have a dirty mind?

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Ok so I was walking outside of my place and I stumbled upon a mushroom that looked a bit odd!  You make your own interpretation!

Yup looks like a normal mushroom to me!  What do you think it is?

Fake Doctors Notes To Get Out Of Stuff!!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Really how stupid are these people.  They are selling fake doctors notes!  This is ludicrous do people really buy this stuff?  Well I guess they do if they are selling the product.  They are claiming that they strictly forbid people against people using those doctors notes that are fake that can get you into trouble.

Found another article that says that you can use these for school notes if you miss a day of school.  Well this brings back memories to me when I used to miss some days of school.  I really wish I could have used a note then but still the product is funny.  People are really looking for this product and it seems like they are the ones that will supply people with it.

If your employer finds out that you are using fake doctors notes to get out of work then you will get fired.  There is no doubt so my advice for anyone that is going to use these fake notes that they only use them for things like tricking your friends and family.  Nothing that can be taken seriously.

Man With Golden Voice – Going To Rehab! Check Him Out!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Ok so I saw an article and was not sure what this meant so I searched on youtube and found the guy with the  golden voice! This is a crazy voice that I thought I would share with you guys because it is funny. The Golden voice guy seems so fake but it is hilarious!

His name is Ted Williams and became a youtube sensation.  With all this publicity hopefully he can get an awesome job!

What do you guys think!  Seriously if a bum talked to me like that I would definitely give him a dollar!  Really funny news but best of luck to him in rehab!

Keenan Cahill featuring 50 Cent? Who is going to be the next Celebrity?

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

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So keenan Cahill the 15 year old youtube sensation has been building new videos every week.  He is really becoming a viral sensation and people love him.  One of his videos is featuring 50 cent.  This is a crazy.  50 cent walks in half way through the video and starts doing his thing in the background.  So this puts me to my next question who is Keenan going to get next as a celebrity appearance.  How much money are they paying to get 50 cent on this video or is it just a huge promotion.

I thought maybe he was cropped in somehow but half way through 50 cent puts his necklace around Keenan.  Much props go out to 50 cent but I wonder what his intentions are.

What celebrity do you want see Keenan with next?

How old is Keenan Cahill YouTube Sensation

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

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Ok so thinks kid is really creepy.  I first thought he was like 10 years old.  But looking into it further it says on his facebook that he is 15 years old! No way!  How old do you really think Keenan Cahill is?  What do you think about this kid.  I admire his entrepreneurial mindset and is becoming very viral but that is because I am just a geek.

First Song I saw of him was when my girl friends sends me a video.

Like A G6 – by Keenan Cahill.

I was dying laughing and sent to everyone in my office.  I think the weirdest thing of all is his eyebrows.  We have a couple questions for Keenan Cahill maybe he can reach out to us at Stupid News section.

  1. How Old Are You Really?
  2. How Tall Are You?
  3. Do you get made fun of a lot?
  4. How are you cashing in on this fame?

Those are the questions in order of what I would ask Cahill.  Maybe he is write an answer out on this blog.

What do you guys think of Keenan Cahill?  If this is the first time you are seeing this kid…. tell me do you feel weird when watching this?

402-982-0855 Scam Phone Call Free Vacation!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

scamIs Phone Call From 402-982-0855 a Scam!

So I have received this phone call from the phone number 402-982-0855 saying that I won a vacation for two to fly anywhere and anytime I want in the USA. No obligation to purchase anything. Either my family member or I filled out a sweepstakes and I am a real winner!

I received a voicemail from this women sounding so excited to tell me I won a trip and have 48 hours to confirm the trip. I do fill out many sweepstakes because the ones at the mall are mostly legitimate and if they are from big department stores it is almost 100% legitimate.

I am going to put this phone number to the test and record it for you guys. I am assuming they will ask me for my credit card number so I have a Amex Gift Card with a couple dollars on it I will give to the person on the phone.

Hope this goes well. So I am putting the 402-982-0855 phone number to the test! Get ready for my recording!

Has anyone else actually talked to these people? Post Below!